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So, you landed an interview! Congratulations—that’s no small feat. Getting an interview is an incredible feeling, but it can also be a stressful experience. You want to be 100% prepared when you walk through the door or turn on that video chat.

Today, we’ll prepare you for your interview by reviewing the most common interview questions and answers. And don’t worry if you lack relevant experience. In this article, you’ll find advice that’s tailored to new college graduates and early-career job seekers.

Raja Software Labs Interview Rounds and Process

Basic Aptitude questions mainly on quantitative

Google docs was shared which has 5 coding questions mainly on array and string.

  • Q1. interviewer introduced himself , then told the flow of interview ie. 2 coding question will be asked then he asked to introduce myself Add Answer
  • Q2. Occurance of characters in string Add Answer
  • Q3. angle between hour and minute hand of clock at a given time Add Answer
  • Q4. both question I was able to solve quickly interview was sheduled for one hour but i solved questions in 23 minutes so interview ended. I was called for secoread more Add Answer
  • Q1. same format as above introduction and 2 coding questions Add Answer
  • Q2. 1 Integer to roman it took me some time to solve the question Add Answer
  • Q3. 2 given sum and we have to print all the subsequences in array with given sum Add Answer
  • Q4. the interview took almost 45 minutes and i was able to solve both questions so i was selected for third round ie technical + HR Add Answer
  • Q1. first introduction then as all rounds 2 coding questions and then HR questions were asked Add Answer
  • Q2. 1 print string without taking repeating characters eg helper – helpr Add Answer
  • Q3. 2 sort array of 0s and 1s in only one loop solution was using two pointers Add Answer
  • Q4. I solved both the questions then questions were asked on projects Add Answer
  • Q5. Difficulties in project how you learn new technology After two days I received mail and I was selected for software developer role Add Answer
  • 3interviewsfound Sort by:

    Bubblesort Algorithm and conversion program. Rupee to Dollar

  • Q1. Concepts of oops , basic Java Add Answer
  • Q2. You need to write a code Add Answer
  • Q1. Questions based on resume. Add Answer

    This question could also be framed as – Which other companies are you interviewing with?

    Similar to how a company is interviewing multiple candidates to assess the best person to hire, most candidates would also be searching for and even interviewing for other jobs.

    A company would never tell you the names of the other candidates that they are interviewing.

    Neither should you provide or volunteer the names of the companies you are interviewing with.

    This is private and personal information.

    You can elaborate as well that you would not reveal to other companies the fact you are interviewing with this particular company.

    Once again, you do not have to mention the specific companies where you are interviewing.

    You can respectfully say that you are interviewing for your job specialization with a few companies.

    Stating that you are already interviewing with other companies provides crucial feedback.

    It lets the company know about your availability and the real potential of you being hiring elsewhere.

    Remember to answer this question honestly. There are only two possible answers – either you are interviewing for other jobs or you are not.

    If you don’t have any interviews scheduled you can simply say that you have applied for a few jobs within your area of specialization.

    Remember to end all your answers by showing your genuine interest in the job you are interviewing for and stating what you can offer the company.

    It could also be the case that this is the only job you are exclusively applying for.

    In that case, toot this fact loudly and enthusiastically state how much you want to work for the company.

    SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT Interview Questions & Answers!

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