A360 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

14) Why triggers used in Automation Anywhere?

Triggers are used in Automation Anywhere in order to launch the manager, to add delete, or edit triggers, or to enable or disable triggers.

34) What is app integration in Automation Anywhere?

App Integration provides an option to work with applications like DOS, Browsers, Java Applet, UNIX shell, and more.

Sketch the neat diagram of Automation Anywhere Architecture?

Automation Anywhere is a distributed architecture. In this architecture, the control room will be the centralized manager.

This architecture mainly consists of Bot Creators and Bot Runners connected to the control room, as shown below in the figure.

Automation Anywhere architecture has three primary components. They are:

  • Control rooms
  • Bot runner
  • Bot Creator
  • Along with the control room, it also deals with:

  • User management
  • Source control – code for the Bots is managed by the control room, and this source control is used to share the code across various systems.
  • Dashboard – It provides complete analytics of Bots.
  • License management
  • What is Automation?

    A: It’s a technique used to create a system or process that functions automatically. Automation can also refer to the process of monitoring or controlling production, as well as the delivery of various goods and services.

    Q1 Consider a scenario where you wish to automate the task of writing text into a notepad file.

    Step 1: Open the Automation Anywhere Client and drag and drop your insert keystrokes command.

    Step 2: Type in your text that you want to display on note pad using the keystrokes. In the below snapshot I have used ENTER, CAPS LOCK keystroke. Refer below.

    Insert Keystrokes- Automation Anywhere Interview Questions - EdurekaStep 3: Execute the task. Once you execute the task, you will see the text is automatically mentioned.

    2 List the Control Room options.

    A: These are Control Room’s options:

  • App Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Client
  • Credential Manager
  • Dashboard
  • Operation Control Room
  • Repository Manager
  • Security
  • Task Scheduler
  • 74) What are operating systems supported by Automation Anywhere Enterprise?

    Operating systems supported Automation Anywhere Enterprise are: 1) Windows 2008 R2, 2) Windows 2008 R2, 3) Windows 7, etc.

    65) How to pass the variables from one task to another?

    Passing the variables from one task to another can be done by mapping the variable when calling that task.

    What’s the difference between automation and RPA?

    A: Automation is a process designed to reduce execution time by automating repetitive tasks. RPA also performs automated tasks, but it learns and adapts to various situations. Once trained in the processes of an existing application, the RPA-driven tool can perform new actions and communicate with other systems.

    Q  How to set email setting and SMTP server in Automation Anywhere?

    To set the email and SMTP server in Automation Anywhere, go to the Client Room and then go to tools. In the tools, you will find an option for email notifications. Over there, fill all details such as Host, port No, User ID, Password, etc.

    Now, next in this article we will go through the Scenario-Based Automation Anywhere Interview Questions.

    5 Is there any difference between RPA and Automation Testing?

    One of the significant differences between test automation and the RPA is, the test automation lives in the context of test environments. It makes use of test data. On the other hand, RPA works on live business or production data, that exists in the production environments.

    12) How to compare two rows in Microsoft Excel?

    Comparison can be done between two rows in Excel by adding a unique serial no or ID to it.

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