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Voice Test for Air Traffic Controller

On the day of the interview, first, you will have to undergo a voice test which is followed by an interview. A Voice test is mandatory for the post of ATC(Air Traffic Controller) as the job profile requires day to day basis interaction with Pilots as well as with various other ATC units. So the voice test is conducted to ensure that candidate has good English language speaking fluency and is not stammering. To check this, a printed page is given which is required to be read by the candidate. The page basically has some sample phraseology used by Pilots/ATC. This is just a cakewalk for the candidates with a clear voice.EDIT: I have written an article on ‘How to prepare for Voice Test’. It has two sample Voice Test papers. You can read the article here:

Note: Although, in your Interview letter it is mentioned that candidate will have an option to respond either in Hindi or English my advice is to keep your conversation in English only with the official conducting this test.

After the voice test, you will be asked to wait for your turn for the interview. Just relax during this waiting period and try not to pay attention to the candidates boasting of their academic background or no. of tests they have cleared. Remember that you all are in the same boat at that moment and no one is superior or inferior. Avoid negative thoughts as they may hamper your chances of getting selected.

Now let’s move to the interview round which is the final hurdle for you to be part of this prestigious profession.

Interview Questions for Air Traffic Controllers:

Demonstrates candidates knowledge, experience, and technical skills.

Demonstrates candidates multitasking and organizational skills.

Q What is the selection process for AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2022-23?

Ans: There are three stages in the AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2022 i.e., Written Exam, Documents Verification and Voice Test. You will find the detailed AAI Junior Executive Selection Process 2022-23 here.

Can you describe a time when you remained calm and focused during an emergency situation?

Demonstrates candidates experience and ability to work under pressure and in stressful situations.

Although every part of an plane plays a role inside the operation of the plane and that is why those elements are required to be set up on the fuselage; however these 3 components are very important for the motion of the aircraft alongside the 3 axes (Pitch, Roll and Yaw).

Rudder: Allows aircraft to move approximately Yaw axis i.E. Aircraft will turn left or proper with the motion of the Rudder. Elevator: As the name indicates, Elevator is used to transport the aircraft along the Pitch axis i.E. Aircraft will pass up or down with elevator’s movement. Aileron: Aileron permits the aircraft to rotate i.E. Motion of aircraft along the Roll axis. Question 39. What Is Solar Aircraft? Which Solar Aircraft Was In News In Last Year (2015)?

One of the prime advantages of GAGAN can be related to Aviation region in which it will offer better accuracy, availability and integrity to GPS indicators for all of the phases of a flight. It will result in gasoline financial savings and decreased carbon emissions. In addition, GAGAN will offer advantages in all modes of transportation like railways, highways, maritime.

GPS satellite information is accrued via a community of exactly surveyed floor reference stations that are referred to as INRES(INdian REference Stations). These INRES are strategically positioned across the usa so that whole Indian Airspace can be covered.Total 14 INRES. Data collected through INRESs is sent to Bengaluru-based INMCC (INdian Master Control Centre)which in turn generates messages to correct any sign errors. These correction messages are then uplinkedthrough INLUS(INdian Land Uplink Station) and broadcast thru communication satellites (Geostationary) to the person (Aircraft). Question 35. What Are The Benefits Of Gagan?

GPS or Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite tv for pc-primarily based system owned and maintained through USA Govt. It is an all-climate gadget, used to offer locations and time statistics anywhere inside the global.A easy instance is GPS receiver installed in radio cabs. GPS can offer real time 3D positioning, navigation and timing everywhere on or close to the earth. GPS gadget is used considerably by means of army, industrial and civil users global.

Air Traffic Controller Interview Questions and Answers 2019 Part-1 | Air Traffic Controller

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