Aai Manager Electronics Interview Questions

Exl India Interview Rounds and Process

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  • aai manager electronics interview questions

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  • The AAI exam is a national-level aviation recruitment examination, conducted by the Airport Authority of India to recruit numerous candidates for the airport authorities. Every year, the AAI invites graduates, postgraduates, or diploma applicants from engineering and IT backgrounds for multiple positions. Interested and eligible candidates can apply before or on the last day of registration for the 2023 AAI exam by visiting the official website of AAI. In the meanwhile, let’s keep updated with the latest syllabus, eligibility criteria, and some preparation tips for the upcoming AAI exams through this blog.

    The eligibility criteria do vary according to the positions applied for. However, the aspirants must be graduated with a regular degree of 4 years in mathematics and physics or have an ITI diploma from an AICTE or GOI-certified institute, besides holding Indian citizenship. The detailed eligibility criteria for AAI Exam 2023 are as follows:

    Voice Test for Air Traffic Controller

    On the day of the interview, first, you will have to undergo a voice test which is followed by an interview. A Voice test is mandatory for the post of ATC(Air Traffic Controller) as the job profile requires day to day basis interaction with Pilots as well as with various other ATC units. So the voice test is conducted to ensure that candidate has good English language speaking fluency and is not stammering. To check this, a printed page is given which is required to be read by the candidate. The page basically has some sample phraseology used by Pilots/ATC. This is just a cakewalk for the candidates with a clear voice.EDIT: I have written an article on ‘How to prepare for Voice Test’. It has two sample Voice Test papers. You can read the article here:

    Note: Although, in your Interview letter it is mentioned that candidate will have an option to respond either in Hindi or English my advice is to keep your conversation in English only with the official conducting this test.

    After the voice test, you will be asked to wait for your turn for the interview. Just relax during this waiting period and try not to pay attention to the candidates boasting of their academic background or no. of tests they have cleared. Remember that you all are in the same boat at that moment and no one is superior or inferior. Avoid negative thoughts as they may hamper your chances of getting selected.

    Now let’s move to the interview round which is the final hurdle for you to be part of this prestigious profession.

    AAI Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company Interview Preparation

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