Aba Technician Interview Questions To Ask Interviewer

What is the average number of clients found in the caseload of every BCBA?

‍Knowing what the BCBAs caseloads amount to can give you a hint at the sort of maintenance and support that youll receive there. A BCBA with a huge caseload can have a difficult time providing support to different RBTs, let alone one.

As you might expect, stress can quickly become a customary issue when trying to work under conditions where theres a lack of support from the people you call your supervisors.

Based on the clinic or facility, the demand could be so great there many cases might take longer for clients to finish up their courses. The turnover rate of RBTs is tied to heavy caseloads as well.

What specifically is it that you admire regarding the culture? Are there any changes that you would like carried out?

‍Being aware of a companys culture is very useful in finding out if the workplace is one that youll like.

Every workplace has its own culture, set of written and unwritten rules, and customary lingo. These are needed for you to form a bond with other workers employed with a company.

But to learn the benefits and specifics of a companys culture will help you to gain a better understanding of if the company is favorable to you. Itll also notify you of things that should be of concern.

This question can also be interpreted to mean the culture of general RBT work. In some jobs, RBT being one of them, the workplace culture can change not from clinic to clinic, but region to region.

If this is where the interviewer is taking the question, then the same advice regarding one specific clinic can be generalized into a broader scope relating to RBT training or the culture of a different facility.

How do you deal with aggressive patients?

Reveals the candidates ability to learn from mistakes.

1 Is crisis management part of the initial training?

‍Since autistic clients sometimes develop symptoms that result in poor behavior, crisis management is recommended for all staff on hand to learn. Does the company not provide this training to their employees? You might be eligible for reimbursement by getting CM training at a different location.

Are there a lot of clients given to RBTs? What about hours should I anticipate working per week?

‍Clients take off much of the interactions that RBTs make with other people during a work week. But did you know that the number of them can correlate to the number of hours that youll work?

Scheduling is something that changes more than periodically, which might be set per the number of hours youre first told that youll be working for a clinic. Notify the person you talk to in an interview about the last hours you wish to work, including the most.

For RBTs with children and large families, balancing life with work might be trickier than for single employees or those with no offspring.

Is data digitally or manually gathered?

‍Every ABA facility relies on data collection to learn about its clients and how well the business is performing. The most basic form of gathering data is by using the old-fashioned method with a pen or pencil.

While data collection in this regard is decreasing, its still needed in situations that would be hard for therapists to make reports while away from a computer. If done digitally, the company might provide you with a tablet or other electronic device. Phones, PCs, and laptops are sometimes given to employees.

Interviewing Tips to Land the ABA Job

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