Abap Basic Interview Questions

27) What are the ways you can do the tuning? What are the major steps will you use for these?

Tunning can be done in three ways disk i/o, SQL tunning and memory tunning. Before tunning, you have to get the status of your database using oracle utility called statpack and tkprof .

18) What is table buffer? Which type of tables used this buffer?

Over here, buffer means memory area, table buffer means the table information is available on the application server. When you call data from database table, it will come from application server. Transparent tables and pool tables are buffered, while cluster table cannot be buffered.

21) What are the different ABAP/4 editors? What are the differences?

The 2 editors are SE38 and SE80 and both have the ABAP editor in place. In SE38 , you can create programs and view online reports and basically do all the development of objects in this editor. In SE80, there are additional features such as creating packages, function group, module pool, classes, programs and BSP applications.

Q What are the advantages of employing Web Dynpro?

Ans. There are many advantages of employing web Dynpro like;

  • It provides simple structural changes.
  • It provides simple transforming of layout and map-reading with graphical tools.
  • It provides simple unification in the ABAP domain.
  • It presents perfect persistence and refusing components for expansion.
  • It gives electronic data transport with the work of data binding.
  • Q Can you tell us how the data should be formatted before writing a statement in the SAP ABAP report?

    Ans. The loop event can be considered an assistant, to create report output with the following:

    2 What are the main events of which are used for Logical Database?

    The main events used for Logical Database are as follows –

    1. GET – The programs used for Logical Database ads executed with the help of this event. It mainly takes place when a line from the node was read by the logical database. This has made it very much available towards the program and GET statements to determine the depth of the logical database. 2. PUT – The flow of the program is directed by the PUT event.

    Q 3 Can you brief us on what precisely is a SAP dispatcher?

    Ans. A SAP dispatcher is actually a sort of control representative. Besides being employed to manage R/3 application resources.

    9) In ABAP what are the differences between table and structure in data dictionary?

    The difference between structure and table in ABAP

    a) Data can be stored physically in Table, but a structure cannot

    b) Structure does not have primary key but table can have

    c) Table can have the technical attribute but the structure does not have

    Smart forms is used to create and maintain forms for mass printing in SAP Systems. As output medium SAP Smart Forms support a printer, a fax, e-mail, or the Internet (by using the generated XML output).

    Explain the 3-tier architecture of SAP ABAP

    The presentation layer of SAP ABAP includes an input device. The SAP system is controlled by this presentation layer. The presentation can be a mobile phone or just a web browser. The process takes place with the help of the Application Server. This processing system has various instances in the Application server. A database layer is placed on another server and the application server communicates with this layer. This is done for security and performance purposes. In this way, all the layers communicate within the system right from the presentation to the database later.

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