Abap Interview Questions On Interfaces

1 What is the meaning of a foreign key relationship?

The data consistency is ensured by using a foreign key. The relationship must be defined explicitly. In order to ensure that no contradiction is there, the data which is entered must be checked. In a foreign key relationship, cardinality must be totally specified.

25) How can you debug a script form?

To debug a script form, you have to follow

Define Function Group. What are the differences between Function Module and Function Group?

Function Group and Function Module are said to belong together logically. Function groups are considered to be containers of the Function Modules.

The differences between Function Groups and Function Modules are as follows –

  • Function Groups need not be defined in Function Module but however, the latter one must be defined in Function Groups.
  • Function Modules are able to be called from various kinds of programs. Function Groups cant be called.
  • Function Groups acts as Function Modules containers but the latter one doesnt act as containers.
  • 24) How data is stored in cluster table?

    A cluster table contains data from multiple DDIC tables. It stores data as name value pair.

    27) What are the ways you can do the tuning? What are the major steps will you use for these?

    Tunning can be done in three ways disk i/o, SQL tunning and memory tunning. Before tunning, you have to get the status of your database using oracle utility called statpack and tkprof .

    13) How can you format the data before write statement in the report?

    By using the loop event the reports output can be formatted

    11) What are the components of SAP scripts?

    For SAP, SAP scripts are a word processing tool. It has a function like standard text and layout sets. Its layout set consists of: Windows and pages, Character formats, Paragraph formats etc.

    SAP Scripts comprises of five main components:

    abap interview questions on interfaces

  • An editor for entering and editing the lines of a text
  • Styles and layout sets for print layout. These are created independent of the individual texts using the corresponding maintenance transactions and are allocated to the texts later
  • The composer is a central output module. The SAP script composer is invisible to the outside
  • A programming interface that allows you to include SAP script components into your own application programs and to control the output of layout sets from within the programs
  • Several database tables for storing texts, styles and layout sets
  • What are the functions of a message command available in a report? Mention its types.

    The message ID gets specified right at the start of the program and this is available in the reported statement. Message command helps in displaying the message ID. Message-ID includes a 2-character code that helps in defining a total set of 1000 total messages and message command defines what sets are to be used in the program.

    The following are the different kinds of messages which appear in the program system –

    • E – Error: When this message appears, the current application stops working. The program running in the background mode also gets canceled. The job log records this message.
    • W – Warming: In order for the application to continue when this message appears, Enter must be pressed by the user. The job log also records this message.
    • I – Information: When this message appears, Enter must be pressed and this message which appears in the pop-up window also gets recorded by job log.
    • A -Abend: The current transaction used by the user gets canceled when this messy appears.
    • S – Success: This message appears mainly in the form of feedback that is given to the users. This appears at the bottom of the screen. This is considered to be a positive message. The program is not disturbed by this message.
    • X – Abort: Mainly the entire program Gerd aborted by this and generally an ABAP short dump gets created.

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