Abap Webdynpro Interview Questions

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Q1. What is Web Dynpro? Ans: Web Dynpro is standard SAP UI technology that allows you to develop web applications using graphical tools and development environment integrated with ABAP workbench …

This issue occurs because if the UI container elements are nested in Web Dynpro views (for example, six tabs within each other) it will result in very high nesting depth of HTML rendering tag. Because of a depth of approx 100, the browser stalls, as such deep hierarchies cannot be processed by it. Therefore to resolve this issue we must simplify the views by decreasing its nesting depth. There is no generic simplification provided by Web Dynpro.

The system activates a click protection before sending the page to the server. But it takes some milliseconds in order activate this protection and during this period the above mentioned problem may occur. There is no solution to this problem as the browser will take some time to activate the click protection. The click protection gets executed at the beginning of the submit handling on the client.

Each Web Dynpro application contains at least one view and it is used to define layout of a user interface. Each view consists of multiple user element and a controller and context.

A Model class is assistance class that contains business logic. How do you debug a web based Web Dynpro application?

You can define extent to which ALV output can be edited. How can you limit the data in ALV output in Web Dynpro application?

A view set is defined as predefined section where you can embed different views in a Web Dynpro application. View set allows you to display more than one view in a screen. What are the advantages of using View set?

Exit plugs are used to exit from Web Dynpro Window or Web Dynpro page. What is the use of OVS in Web Dynpro?

49. What is the meaning of 0:1 cardinality of context node in Web Dynpro application? Answer: It means that at run time, no element or maximum one element can be instantiated.

5. What is the use of SAP List Viewer in Web Dynpro?Answer: SAP List viewer is used to add the ALV component and provides a flexible environment to display lists and tabular structures. A standard output consists of a header, toolbar, and an output table and the user can make the settings add column display, aggregations, sorting options using additional dialog boxes.

Would you prefer creating multiple Custom Controllers OR would you go for separate Web Dynpro components and then do Component usage.

16. What is the difference between the component controller and the interface controller?Answer: The component controller is a global controller when we declare data in the component controller than that data can be accessed by all views and window inside that component The interface controller is a type of controller which is responsible for communicating with external web Dynpro components.

50. What Is The Use Of Interactive Forms?Answer: You can create forms based on Adobe software and can use it in context for Web Dynpro user interfaces. You can integrate Adobe lifecycle development tools with ABAP editor to ease the development of the user interface. Interactive forms using Adobe software allows you to create efficient and easy development of UI elements.

TOP 20 SAP Web Dynpro Interview Questions and Answers 2019

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