Abroad Hotel Interview Questions And Answers

Question: Why Do You Want to Work in the US?

When searching for jobs in the US, an important international interview question addresses why you want to work abroad. To answer, think about your long-term plans and career objectives. Ask yourself ‘Why do you want to work in the US?’, ’How will it impact my life?’, ‘What future do I see?’ Your motivations are a pathway for your employer to understand your career goals and whether they align with the company.

If you wish to work in the US for career progression, your employer may have a long-term employment plan for you at the company. However, if you are in the US for a short period of time, a temporary role may be more suited to your personal timelines. This can impact whether you should apply for long-term or short-term jobs.


Provide factual reasons for why working in the US will benefit both the company and your personal career goals.

Identifying your main motivation keeps you focused on delivering good work and gaining a positive learning experience at your job. Prospective employers look for candidates who have a clear purpose and drive, as these employees tend to be strong contributors to the company overall.Â

10 Common Hotel Interview Questions and answers

abroad hotel interview questions and answers

Do you have any experience working in a hotel?

Yes, the hotel employer already has your CV and if you are a fresher he/she know that you only have an industrial experience to boast of.

But, they want to hear from you on how you can take out positives from whatever experience you have and that too in a nutshell.

Regardless of the position, you are being interviewed for; this is one of the common hotel interview questions you should expect.

As a fresher, mention that while you have not worked in a hotel, you have gained some experience working as an intern or in a restaurant.

Then use this question to quickly explain how you felt comfortable during your internship and what makes your short experience during internship worthwhile.

Add a few smiles while you answer this question and the recruiter would be pleased to see the hospitality traits in you.

International Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Perfectly

Your job interview is an opportunity to display your professional capabilities, attitude, and enthusiasm to take on the role. During the interview, your employer may ask questions to understand who you are and what you may offer the company in terms of knowledge and skills.Â

Before your interview, review the job description of the role you applied for, focusing on the specifics of how your background, skills, and experience are relevant to the position. If the job description is limited, research comparable jobs at similar companies and look up information on the job title, as this can give you a baseline understanding of what employers value and which criteria are important.

Having a clear understanding about yourself and your potential new role provides a strong foundation while answering international job interview questions. Many companies may include international process interview questions related to how your skillset aligns with their company goals, including asking about your long-term career action plan. So, during your pre-interview preparation, research industry trends so you can discuss future plans and how you may grow along with the company. Â

Here are some international job interview questions to keep in mind, followed by a few tips for how to answer them.

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