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Are you preparing for a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technician ( HVAC) job interview? Here, we have compiled commonly asked HVAC interview questions together with their best answers.

1 Have You Ever Used Technology To Explain Options To A Customer?

There are a variety of technologies a customer can use in this field and the employer want to determine your experience in using some of these tools. To respond to this question, explain the experience you may have had using technology at work.

Sample Answer

“Yes, I have. I have used an HVAC software app that I could easily manage on my phone. I could show clients digital prices of books, inform them about the different invoice choices, as well as accepting payments through the app. This made work easy for me and my clients. Clients enjoyed receiving a range of options provided to them before we could start working.”

1 Explain The Types Of Air Conditioning Systems.

The interviewer asks this question to gauge your knowledge in this field. Explain some of the conditioning systems you may have worked with to demonstrate that you are skilled in the industry.

Sample Answer

“There are many types of air conditioning systems including window air conditioner, central air conditioning system, packaged air conditioner, and split air conditioner. The choice of air conditioning systems to use is determined by factors such as the size of of the area to be cooled and the total heat generated inside the enclosed area.”

What Are The Qualities That a HVAC Technician Needs To Be Successful?

The hiring manager asks this question to know if you know the qualities you should have as an HVAC technician. In your response, list some of the qualities of an HVAC technician as you connect to the employer’s needs.

Sample Answer

“A skilled HVAC technician needs to have strong time management, organizational, troubleshooting, communication, and critical thinking skills to be successful. He must be willing to learn too. Additionally, he/she must have a mechanical aptitude to understand components, testers, systems, and tools. An HVAC needs also to be patient, attentive to details, social, and customer service oriented.”

1 What Do You Understand By VAV and how does it work?

The hiring team asks this question to test your knowledge in this industry. Define the term and state it’s working.

Sample Answer

“VAV refers to pressure independent and pressure-dependent. VAV controls the flow of temperature and air. With Pressure dependent, the volume of air supplied by the terminal unit varies depending upon the static pressure (SP) in the primary air duct. Pressure-independent terminal units have flow-sensing devices that limit the flow rate through the box. They can control the maximum and minimum CFM that can be supplied and are therefore independent of the SP in the primary air duct. Pressure independent systems can be balanced and will allow the correct airflow from each terminal.”

Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt?

The employer asks this question to know if you can admit your mistakes or not. In your response, do not blame others for your mistakes but own them. Remember to share the lessons you learned from your failure.

Sample Answer

“When I was new in this career, a client called me to install a piece of new cooling equipment in her home. The extreme temperatures were unbearable and she wanted me to install it as quickly as possible. However, It required more time than she had anticipated. The lady was very frustrated and started complaining that I was not competent enough and that I was also very slow. I remained calm and continued with my work. The more I worked hard the more she complained. I paused a little while and I repeated everything she was saying in my own words to show her that I was listening to her complaints. I then gave her a time frame of when she should expect me to complete the work. She calmed down and waited patiently. To my surprise, I finished installing the cooling system before the scheduled time and she was happy. She gratefully thanked me. Looking back, I realized that telling your client the timeframe of the task you are carrying out is important.”

Most Common Interview Questions and Answers For HVAC

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