Academic Chair Interview Questions

1 Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

To start, I have many years of experience as part of more professorships in the field of chemistry. I also have a high scientific reputation. My prior academic department chair experience has resulted in extensive managerial experience. I am well familiar with performing tasks of academic self-administration. I also have experience in structuring university facilities, as well as proven management and leadership skills.

1 As An Academic Department Chair How Would You Describe Your Management Style?

I attach great importance to the independence of my employees. A trusting relationship and working on an equal footing are important to me, as these aspects promote motivated and happy employees in the long term. Here the working atmosphere should not be based on fear and mistakes should serve as an opportunity for improvement.

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As you polish your seminar presentation and anticipate questions that may get thrown at you, make sure you also have a list of questions for your interviewers—from the department head to the faculty to the students you may interact with—even if it’s over Zoom. A faculty position is not just a job; it’s a career decision, a multi-year-long investment (from you and the university) that hopefully leads to tenure and lifelong contributions to research and the community.

Despite the pandemic, many institutions are moving forward with their faculty hiring, and selected candidates are now preparing for their interviews in earnest. If you’re one of those candidates, congratulations on making it to the next round!

What questions you bring to the table will vary based on your values, priorities, and individual experiences. Below is the master list of questions that Prof. Mike Short (a 2nd-year research scientist at the time) created when he was interviewing at multiple institutions. He shares it here in the spirit of transparency and open mentorship. You may adapt these questions to your own needs and circumstances.

Why Are You Interested In This Role?

Naturally, those who decide to pursue an academic career have a great interest in their subject – so great that they want to devote their entire career to research in this specific field – but also an interest in teaching. That’s also the case with me. Becoming an academic department chair also means combining academic research activities with teaching students to pass on your knowledge and the latest knowledge from your own field to them.

It is undoubtedly a very intellectually stimulating and inspiring work, with the opportunity to delve into interesting topics and engage with students and colleagues in a spirit of dialogue and constructive discussion.

What Are The Roles Of An Academic Department Chair?

in this function, the academic department chairprimarilycarries out tasks in research, teaching, and further education. The tasks in teaching often also include administrative activities such as study counseling or curriculum planning. In addition, participation in conferences and publications is expected in many areas.

The main tasks of the academic department chair consist of the teaching and research of their department. They have to prepare lectures and seminars and create materials for the evaluation (follow-up of the course). They use student feedback to better design future events. They also set up tests and correct them afterward. Away from everyday work, they write scientific publications and devote themselves to research. They also plan conferences and seminars. However, the tasks of an academic department chair go far beyond scientific research and teaching.

There is also committee work. Since important decisions by various committees also affect the chairs directly, academic department chairs should not lose their say. The employees of one’s chair must also be managed, as well as the results of scientific research. Factual and financial reports or funding applications can also end up on an academic department chair’s desk – because not every task can be taken on by the secretariat.

Should You Become Department Chair? It’s Complicated. (VIEWER QUESTION)

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