Academic Success Interview Questions

Why do you want to work as an Academic Coach?

In an ideal case, you should refer to a few things. First and foremost, your skills and abilities that make from you a good candidate for the position. You have excellent listening skills, throughout knowledge of college admission process, financial aid options, and different resources at school–basically anything the student may need once they are starting.

You have an ability to understand the needs and wishes of an individual, and help them devise their study and career goals accordingly.

Secondly, you see a meaningful purpose in this job. You’ve also been a student, you know how hard the transition can be for some people, and understand the crucial role you may play in a success (or failure) of some students. Hence you are super motivated to try hard and have some positive impact.

Last but not least, you see this is a step on your own career plan. It’s likely not your final position. You may aspire to work as a school counselor later on, or perhaps even a life coach, or in the school administration. Coaching students is a valuable experience which will help you in your entire career.

What has been your greatest achievement working as a success coach?

Highlights the candidates expertise and practical experience.

Some students may fail to meet the goals, or they may even drop out, regardless of your coaching efforts. How do you want to deal with such setbacks?

Ensure the hiring committee that you will try your best to not get emotionally attached to the students. At the end of the day, you are not a dreamer. You know that while you play an important role in the life of the students, you aren’t the only influence they have in life.

Their peers, parents, partners, role models–all of them impact their decisions and college life. Hence you prefer to focus on your efforts, and not on the results. You will simply try your best to help each student, and you won’t give up easily. But whether they eventually manage to reach their career goals is not something you have under your control–and hence you won’t be disappointed if they do not.

To sum it up, you will try your best to keep the emotions out of your work. That should help you avoid an eventual disappointment if someone fails.

You meet with a student for the first time. What will you tell them?

Listening is more important than talking, at least during the first meetings. You can say that you will briefly explain your role, and how you can help them. And then you will ask questions, starting with their goals, vision of the future, etc.

Of course if they come with a certain problem, and want to talk about it in particular, you will simply hear them out and start from there. Anyway, you should emphasize the importance of listening, and of asking the right questions at the start of your cooperation. You can hardly coach anyone before you understand their wishes, fears, and problems.

How do you want to find the students who need your coaching services?

You cannot really find them, but you should make it easy for them to find you. Say that you want everyone to be aware of your presence at school. You may participate in the events for the newcomers, or even during the admission process. If you apply for a job at a high school, you can suggest making a short fifteen minute presentation in the classes, explaining who you are and how you can help the students.

Being open and genuine right from the start should help you gain their trust, so they may eventually seek your help.

You can also suggest cooperating with counselors and other professionals, who may suggest right adepts for coaching. But you definitely won’t force the issue, because you know that the initiative must come from the side of the student. Hence you will try to be present among the students, and make sure that everyone knows about your role, and can easily contact you.

academic success interview questions

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