Accenture Abinitio Interview Questions

4 How do you improve the performance of a graph?

There are many ways the performance of the graph can be improved.

  • Use a limited number of components in a particular phase
  • Use an optimum value of max core values for sort and join components
  • Minimize the number of sort components
  • Minimize sorted join components and if possible replace them by in-memory join/hash join
  • Use only required fields in the sort, reformat, join components
  • Use phasing/flow buffers in case of a merge, sorted joins
  • If the two inputs are huge then use sorted join, otherwise use hash join with proper driving port
  • For large datasets don’t use broadcast as a partitioner
  • Minimize the use of regular expression functions like re_index in the transfer functions
  • Avoid repartitioning of data unnecessarily.
  • Try to run the graph as long as possible in MFS. These input files should be partitioned and if possible output file should also be partitioned.

    1 What do you mean by the overflow errors?

    While processing data, calculations that are bulky are often there and it is not always necessary that they fit the memory allocated for them. In case a character of more than 8-bits is stored there, this error results simply.

    What exactly do you understand with the term data processing and businesses can trust this approach?

    Processing is basically a procedure that simply covert the data from a useless form into a useful one without making a lot of effort. However, the same may vary depending on factors such as the size of data and its format. A sequence of operations is generally carried out to perform this task and depending on the type of data, this sequence could be automatic or manual.

    Because in the present scenario, most of the devices that perform this task are PC’s automatic approach is more popular than ever before. Users are free to obtain data in forms such as a table, vectors, s, graphs, charts, and so on. These are the best things that business owners can simply enjoy.

    Suppose we assign you a new project. What would be your initial point and the key steps that you follow?

    The first thing that largely matters is defining the objective of the task and then engages the team in it. This provides a solid direction for the accomplishment of the task. This is important when one is working on a set of data that is completely unique or fresh. After this, the next big thing that needs attention is effective data modeling. This includes finding the missing values and data validation. Last thing is to track the results.

    1 What are the key elements of a data processing system?

    These are Converter, Aggregator, Validator, Analyzer, Summarizer, and a sorter.

    3 Why do you think data processing is important?

    The fact is data is generally collected from different sources. Thus, the same may vary largely in a number of terms. The fact is this data needs to be passed from various analyses and other processes before it is stored. This process is not as easy as it seems in most cases.

    Thus, processing matters. A lot of o time can be saved by processing the data to accomplish various tasks that largely matter. The dependency on the various factors for the reliable operation can also be avoided by to a good extent.

    4 How to add default rules in the transformer?

    Add Default Rules — Opens the Add Default Rules dialog. Select one of the following: Match Names — Match names: generates a set of rules that copies input fields to output fields with the same name. Use Wildcard (.*) Rule — Generates one rule that copies input fields to output fields with the same name.

  • If it is not already displayed, display the Transform Editor Grid.
  • Click the Business Rules tab if it is not already displayed.
  • Select Edit > Add Default Rules.
  • In the case of reformat if the destination field names are the same or a subset of the source fields then no need to write anything in the reformat xfr unless you dont want to use any real transform other than reducing the set of fields or split the flow into a number of flows to achieve the functionality.

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