Accenture Agile Interview Questions

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accenture agile interview questions

  • Q1. Agile Manifesto and scrum events Add Answer
  • Q2. Planning a project in agile Add Answer
  • Q1. Day as a Scrum Master Add Answer
  • Q1. What is your expectation? Add Answer
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    accenture agile interview questions

    Do You Know Anything Concerning Kanban?

    Kanban is an instrument for keeping track of the team’s progress and work. With Kanban, progress is well established along with the status of the current growth plan, and it is achieved accurately using the Kanban board. You can write the whole scenario at once with the aid of the Kanban board so you can get the bigger picture, progress in the process, the job is finished or the overall status of a project.

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  • Q1. I was asked to create roadmap for an ERP client (about 70 team members) looking to transition from traditional to Agile. Add Answer
  • Q1. Asked to narrate an instance where I was in a difficult situation with client and how I came out of it. Add Answer
  • accenture agile interview questions

  • Q1. What is scrum and agile? Add Answer
  • Q2. Which are various agile matrics? Add Answer
  • Q3. Why you want to be scrum master? Add Answer
  • Q4. do you have in depth knowledge of other agile frameworks, like kanban, xp,lean, safe5? Add Answer
  • Q5. do you have knowledge of DevOps, CI/CD,TDD? Add Answer
  • Q6. are you certified in csm, psm, safe sm, icp-acc? Add Answer
  • accenture agile interview questions

    How Do You Handle a Project?

    An interviewer would like to learn by posing this question whether you are a good match for the business and what your project management was like in the previous organization. You will need to report the project management strategy here using the Agile model and leadership.

    First of all, you should discuss the last time you worked on the project, how it worked, what system you used, and the members of your team.

    First, because most organizations are looking for an inspiring, engaging project manager instead of a one-man army, you can show yourself as a team member.

    Last but not least; tell us that there can be no two projects the same.

    An Agile Project Manager Job Roles

    Agile Project Manager – A key facilitator wherein the main objective is to strengthen the team that ensures the success of a project.

    Change management expert – the main task involves obtaining new processes and communicating with company stakeholders.

    Strategic coach and trainers – The main objective of this department is to make sure the project managers assist their respective teams in mastering the newest tools, processes, and workflows.

    Agile Project Manager Interview questions with answers

    The Agile Project Manager interview questions listed below will assist you in making your interview process more productive. Prepare yourself by thinking about the questions you might be asked. Let’s get started!

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    accenture agile interview questions

    Scrum Master Interview Questions

  • Q1. Basic question related to scrum guide Add Answer
  • Top skills recommended for Accenture Scrum Master interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Q1. Scrum master relevant questions Add Answer
  • Q1. Again scrum master related questions and situations based questions. Add Answer
  • Q1. Normal HR related questions. Add Answer
  • Accenture- Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers I Real Scrum master Interview :PART 1

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