Accenture Atg Interview Questions

What is an ATG Repository?

Ans: A repository is a data access layer that defines a generic representation of a data store. It simplifies the storage and retrieval of data. The manipulations of data are done through the Repository API. Application developers access data only using interfaces such as Repository andRepositoryItem.

Developers can create, modify, query, and remove repository items. A repository item is more or less like a Java bean. The ATG platform includes a set of models for repositories.

  • SQL Repository: uses the Generic SQL Adapter(GSA) to perform a mapping between ATG and data stored in a SQL database.
  • Versioned Repository: It is an extension of the SQL repository used in ATG Content Administration. It has versions for every set of data. For example, a price for a product is edited, the new entry will be made with a new version number instead of editing the price.
  • a) The SQL repository is implemented through the atg.adapter.gsa package. The main ATG component in the SQL repository is an instance of the atg.adapter.gsa.GSARepository class, which implements the interfaces atg.repository.MutableRepository and atg.repository.content.ContentRepository and which extends the class atg.repository.RepositoryImpl. b) Lets keep aside the hardcore theory for now and move to more practical aspects of repositories. c) A repository is a collection of repository items. In general, a repository item corresponds to the smallest uniquely identifiable entity in the underlying data store. Each repository item is made of properties and these properties store the data and thus make a repository item. These properties of a repository item are defined inside the repository’s ITEM DESCRIPTORs. Properties of repository items may be single-valued or multi-valued. d) Its still confusing…??? be patient, towards the end there is something informative that will help you enhance your understanding.

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    Difference between dsp: include and jsp: include?

    Ans: Dsp imports all objects of type class also, whereas jsp imports only primitive types.

    JSP includes are dynamic whereas dsp include are for data which is smaller than 64 kb.

    ATG created the DSP tag library as a mechanism for accessing all data types, including those that exist in ATG’s Nucleus framework. Other functions provided by these tags manage transactions and determine how data can be rendered within a JSP.

    It’s best to use tags from the DSP tag library only for tasks that involve the Dynamo Application Framework (DAF) resources. Dsp tag support for the passing of object parameters between pages. In particular, use dsp:include rather than jsp:include, and use dsp:param rather than jsp:param.

    What are ATG Form Handlers?

    Ans: ATG Formhandler is the intermediate class that comes in between a JSP form value and its bean class. They are there to evaluate the validity of form data before it is submitted, write data to and read data from a database or repository, and direct the user to different pages, depending on the results of the form submission

    What is ATG Dynamo? What is ATG Framework?

    Ans: ATG Dynamo or Dynamo Application Server(DAS) is a J2EE application server from Art Technology Group. Atg framework is a Web Application framework for building web applications. ATG dynamo implements the ATG framework. The application framework can also be run on all major J2EE application servers (JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc…).

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