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Why should we hire you in Accenture?

The above question can essentially be answered in the following way- “It is a wonderful opportunity for me to get interviewed in such a renowned company. I’m confident that Accenture is an excellent platform for me to prove my skills & knowledge in the corporate world. Well, this job role is what I am interested to work for. Even though I am a fresher, I assure you that I will give my best and work to my fullest potential, so that I can contribute as much as I can towards the growth and success of this great brand. So I’m really excited to work with Accenture.”

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Following are the few points that you can take care of while preparing for the Accenture interview:

  • Do your homework: Mainly Understand the job role for which you are applying and also learn a few company-related information about Accenture. Research on these things in advance, whether that is exploring the Accenture’s company website or discussing with a friend who works in Accenture.
  • Think through your answers: While the Accenture interview topics can range from different technical aspects and personal skills, prepare in advance as to how you can answer the questions. Think about the requirements of the role, your accomplishments, and your personal aspirations, which essentially helps you in preparing for the interview conversations.
  • Have questions ready: Most of the time, your interviewer will give you time for asking questions. So it is important to have a question ready to ask! Not one that has already been answered, but one that demonstrates your insightfulness & interest in the position and also about the company. For more tips check the above section.
  • The Accenture interview might be a bit challenging, but can easily be cracked with proper preparations. Since Accenture is a high-performing company that wants to hire the best people possible, the different interview rounds at Accenture are challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporate companies. But the fact is that, with the perfect preparations, the interview can actually become relatively easy to succeed in the Accenture recruitment process.

    Is Accenture a great place to start a career?

    Below mentioned are some of the major reasons why Accenture is a great place to start your career:

  • The People: If you are working for Accenture, you can observe that everyone from lower-level to upper-level employees are approachable and there to help you. Accenture’s ‘One Global Network’ allows you to reach out to colleagues across the globe for any kind of support. There are plenty of opportunities to network and meet new people in Accenture, from events to getting involved in clubs and societies.
  • Fast-Paced Environment In Accenture, you can directly communicate with the clients and put across your best views at all times from day one of your project. Normally, at Accenture, you can experience working in a fast-paced environment. Working closely with clients and colleagues lets you develop and grow professionally in this kind of robust work environment.
  • Continuous Learning Working for Accenture definitely lets you continue to learn and grow as you are going to be exposed to new technologies and varied business strategies on a continuous basis. At times, working for Accenture can be challenging; but the skills that you acquire and develop are important to your professional development.
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