Accenture Devops Interview Questions

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The following are the top 15 questions asked in Accenture DevOps Interviews:

  • What is DevOps?
  • In terms of development and infrastructure, explain the core operations of DevOps.
  • What are some of the benefits of DevOps work culture?
  • Name some of the most important DevOps tools?
  • What is CI? What is its purpose?
  • Name three important DevOps KPIs.
  • Difference between continuous deployment and continuous delivery?
  • What is DevOps? Is it a tool?
  • Explain the core operations of DevOps in terms of development and infrastructure?
  • How does HTTP work?
  • Can one consider DevOps as an Agile methodology?
  • Can you tell me the advantages of using Git?
  • Are git fetch and git pull the same?
  • What are the benefits of using version control?
  • How do you handle the merge conflicts in Git?
  • You can check out this DevOps Interview Questions blog to prepare for the most frequently asked questions in DevOps interviews.

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    Also, watch this video on DevOps Interview Questions:

    Role: Application LeadRole Description: Lead the effort to design, build and configure applications, acting as the primary point of contact.Must Have Skills: DevOpsGood To Have Skills: No Technology Specialty

    Job description Accenture Technology powers our clients’ businesses with innovative technologies—established and emerging—changing the way their people and customers experience work, life and entertainment. Join Accenture Technology and you’ll translate the operational needs of the world’s governments and leading businesses into the innovative technology solutions that will enable them to better serve their customers—your friends, family and neighbours. You’ll deliver everything from point solutions for a single business function to large, long-term outsourcing services, to complex systems integration installations spanning multiple businesses and functions. You’ll create custom-designed solutions or integrate our technology platforms with their operations.

    7 How does chef-apply differ from chef-client?

  • chef-apply is run on the client system. chef-apply applies the recipe mentioned in the command on the client system. $ chef-apply recipe_name.rb
  • chef-client is also run on the client system. chef-client applies all the cookbooks in your servers run list to the client system. $ knife chef-client
  • 1 Why Has DevOps Gained Prominence over the Last Few Years?

    Before talking about the growing popularity of DevOps, discuss the current industry scenario. Begin with some examples of how big players such as Netflix and Facebook are investing in DevOps to automate and accelerate application deployment and how this has helped them grow their business. Using Facebook as an example, you would point to Facebook’s continuous deployment and code ownership models and how these have helped it scale up but ensure the quality of experience at the same time. Hundreds of lines of code are implemented without affecting quality, stability, and security.

    Your next use case should be Netflix. This streaming and on-demand video company follow similar practices with fully automated processes and systems. Mention the user base of these two organizations: Facebook has 2 billion users while Netflix streams online content to more than 100 million users worldwide.

    These are great examples of how DevOps can help organizations to ensure higher success rates for releases, reduce the lead time between bug fixes, streamline and continuous delivery through automation, and an overall reduction in manpower costs.

    We will now look into the next set of DevOps Interview Questions that includes – Git, Selenium, Jenkins.

    Accenture DevOps Interview Questions

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