Accenture Graduate Opportunities Interview Questions

Interview with Liam Somers, Graduate Recruitment Lead at Accenture Ireland.

Liam answers questions on Accenture’s graduate programme, and in particular the Software Engineering stream.

Accenture is a professional services organisation based in Dublin, specializing in information technology services and consulting.

Accenture has alliances with many of the large multinational technology companies. Graduate software engineers could be working on implementing solutions for Accenture’s clients using any of the following technologies: Google Products, Amazon (AWS), SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, salesforce and many more. Graduates will gain experience and knowledge of multiple types of technology across multiple industries.

Accenture’s programme comprises of five career paths; Consulting, Analytics, Business & Technology Integration, Cyber Security and Software Engineering.

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As well as specific questions about what is on your CV. Be aware that interviewers are not looking to find out if what you wrote on your CV is true but they want to see how you articulate that experience. Being able to communicate your prior experience in a confident and interesting way is very valuable so be prepared to talk around the points on your CV.

The first thing to know about situational judgement tests is that hiring companies often dictate which traits they are looking for so the “correct” answers can vary between employers. It is a chance for them to present you with a relevant scenario to the job you would be doing and see how you may act. The kind of traits they are looking for are:

The question would ask you to combine the information on the graph with the information in the table to find a correct answer. You are able to use a calculator so the hardest part is identifying the right numbers to use as the maths does not get more complicated than basic maths:

The online test is described as an immersive experience what that means is that it involves observing situations and then answering questions based on those situations. The best way to prepare for these is to practise your numerical, diagrammatical and situational reasoning skills. Although it is not a like for like scenario as there is a lack of animation, the skillset required is the same. They are looking for your ability to apply logic and reasoning to an unfamiliar situation – something that consultants do on a daily basis.

What makes a candidate a good fit for Accenture’s Software Engineering programme?

We look for candidates with a mix of a technical background and soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

Soft skills are incredibly important. During the interview stage, candidates should highlight the soft skills they have developed during part-time work and internships.

It’s important for software engineers to be able to talk about their technical skills and provide examples of how these skills were developed.

Accenture also has a requirement for a minimum 2.2 degree for the software engineering stream.

What is Accenture’s Software Engineering Graduate Programme?

The Software Engineering Graduate Programme offers grads the opportunity to join Accenture’s Technology Analyst Group.

The responsibility of an Accenture software engineer is to assist with designing, building and supporting innovative technical solutions for Accenture’s clients.

Graduates join Accenture on a permanent contract which includes a 6-month probationary period.

In the first few weeks of the graduate programme, software engineers will receive company training on how things are done at Accenture.

They will then be introduced to a client project and receive on the job training.

The goal is to expose graduates to as many projects as possible across multiple industries.

The graduate programme for a software engineer can last 2 or 3 years depending on performance and promotion.

When a software engineer leaves the graduate programme, they become a consultant with Accenture and focus on a specific area of expertise or on a specific industry.

ACCENTURE Interview Questions & Answers!

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