Accenture Graduate Software Engineer Interview Questions

What type of interview questions can candidates expect?

Software engineering graduates can expect broad technical questions such as “What technical skills do you have” and “What technical skills do you want to learn”.

There may also be Accenture-specific questions such as “What interests you about Accenture’s technology”.

Candidates can expect a lot of strength-based questions to see how they would react in certain situations.

Overall, most questions will focus on whether the candidate is a good fit for Accenture.

Top skills recommended for Accenture Software Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

Accenture interview questions for similar designations

Software Engineer Jobs at Accenture

accenture graduate software engineer interview questions

accenture graduate software engineer interview questions

accenture graduate software engineer interview questions

accenture graduate software engineer interview questions

accenture graduate software engineer interview questions

accenture graduate software engineer interview questions

Can you describe the interview process for the Software Engineering programme?

The first step is to fill out the application and complete an online profile.

Candidates who are deemed a good fit for the programme will be invited to complete an online assessment. They will have one week to complete this assessment.

The online assessment will contain seven or eight modules and ask the candidate to complete a number of challenges and tasks. The assessment will give candidates an insight into what it’s like to work as an Accenture consultant.

Candidates who are successful at the online assessment stage will progress to the next stage which is the Assessment Centre. They will undergo a strength-based interview with a manager. Part of this assessment stage will also be problem-solving a number of 15-minute challenges.

The final stage of the process is the final interview. This is a formal one-to-one interview with a Senior Manager in Accenture. This stage will include more strength based questions to confirm if the candidate is a good fit for Accenture and a good fit for the software engineering programme.

Successful candidates will then receive an offer within days of the final interview.

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How long is the application process?

When applications close in early October, candidates will receive invites to the assessment centre across October and November.

The final interview stage generally occurs one week after assessment.

Offers are made to successful candidates within days of the final interview.

Candidate Experience Required at Accenture Interviews

Candidates admitted that thorough preparation helped them calm their nerves before the interview. Whether or not you’ll land an offer entirely depends on how you prepare for your interview. Accenture is pretty thorough in terms of their hiring process, but as long as you come equipped with the skills, experiences, and work ethics necessary to fulfil the role, you have the chance to ace it for sure.

Academic criteria for accenture interview:

  • Candidates with a relevant graduate degree and a GPA of 6.5 or an aggregate of 65% are eligible to apply to Accenture.
  • Candidates with an active backlog during the recruitment process will not be eligible for the interview.
  • Only a maximum of one gap year is allowed throughout your education.

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