Accenture Hr Interview Questions 2015

Top skills recommended for Accenture Operations Manager interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Change Management
  • Business process
  • Troubleshooting
  • Incident management
  • Problem Management
  • Round duration – 90 minutes Round difficulty – Medium

    It has total six sections Numerical, logical, verbal, Networking, pseduo codes, basics of Ms office. I was given 7:30 pm slot. We have to be quick enough while giving the assessment. The platform was very good and easy to handle.

  • Q1. Aptitude QuestionSeating arrangement questions View Answers (1)
  • Round duration – 45 minute Round difficulty – Medium

    Two coding Questions. First one is easy and second one is medium

  • Q1. Kth Smallest and Largest Element of Array You are given an array ‘Arr’ consisting of ‘N’ distinct integers and a positive integer ‘K’. Find out Kth smallestread more View Answers (4)
  • Q2. Chocolate Problem Given an array/list of integer numbers CHOCOLATES of size N, where each value of the array/list represents the number read more View Answers (2)
  • Round duration – 15 minutes Round difficulty – Easy

  • Q1. Communication Assessment6 rounds to test your Speaking, Listening and Memory. View Answers (1)
  • Round duration – 15 minutes Round difficulty – Medium

    The interviewers were friendly. Confidence and clear communication.

  • Q1. Basic HR QuestionsDescribe the workplace where you’ll be most happy and productive.Who is your role model? View Answers (1)
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  • Coding Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Assignment
  • Case Study
  • + 2 more
  • A=”bala”,b=”Babu”; Print=A+b O/p: balababu

    Python is a computer programming language use to build up software and websites designed by Rossum appear in 20 Feb 1991 1.Numpy is a python libraries working with arrays. 2.pandas is used to read the data sets. 3.matplotlib libraries for visualisation. 4.mission learning is divided into two parts. *Supervised learning *Unsupervised learning 5.deep learning is used to create artificial neurons. 6.advance excel is used for graphs and calculate the whole members at same time lot of useful things that have. 7mysql is mainly used for store the data.

    Python, numpy, pandas, mission learning, deep learning, basic statistics, advance excel, MySQL

    Python, numpy, pandas, mission learning, deep learning, basic statistics, advance excel, MySQL

  • Q1. Why we use mission learning Mission learning used for analysis the datas and we can able to predict and we add some additional algorithm its mainly used fread more Add Answer
  • Q2. Deep learning uses: Deep learning Mainly used for creating artificial neurons in the neural network. Deep learning is very aid about the mission how to workread more Add Answer
  • Q3. Statistics: Statistics is used for mathamatics operation and it helps to prediction. Example: We started to calculate how many persons live in between 20to2read more Add Answer
  • I dont know idea about group discussion

    Top skills recommended for Accenture Data Scientist interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    Accenture interview questions for popular designations

    Round duration – 90 minutes Using Accenture Hirepro platform. There were 6 sections and 90 questions. Section Cutoff was there. There was also a coding round and a communication Assessment round

  • Q1. Zellers Congruence Add Answer
  • Q2. string using loop Add Answer
  • Round duration – 30 minutes Questions were asked related to tech, situation, personal and resume.

    Accounting Assistant Manager Interview Questions

  • Q1. 1. What are accounting golden rules? 2. What is bank reconciliation? How to prepare? 3. What is accrual and journal entry for accrual expenses. 4. What is pread more View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Tell me about yourself Add Answer
  • Q3. This will be your first question, so start with your name and qualifications then about family . Job responsibilities if you are experienced. If you answereread more Add Answer
  • ACCENTURE Interview Questions & Answers!

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