Accenture India Managerial Round Interview Questions

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accenture india managerial round interview questions

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  • Accenture Case Interview Prep: Everything You Need to Know

    Accenture interviews are comprised of case interviews and behavioral or fit interview questions. If you are interviewing for Accenture’s Strategy group, you will also be given a special type of interview called the Accenture Potentia Interview.

    In this article, we’ll cover exactly what to expect in your upcoming Accenture interview and how to best answer all of the different types of questions you may be asked.

    We’ll cover in detail:

  • How to ace the Accenture Potentia Interview
  • The 6 steps to solving Accenture case interviews or case study interviews
  • The 3 types of Accenture case interviews
  • The 10 most common Accenture behavioral and fit interview questions
  • Accenture Potentia Interview

    The Potentia interview is a 1-hour interview given to candidates that are applying for a role in Accenture Strategy. Here is the structure of the Accenture Potentia Interview:

  • You’ll be given a short paragraph of text about a business topic with a problem statement. Topics are diverse and may not be work-related. Examples of topics include blood diamonds in Africa or intellectual property on the Internet
  • You’ll have 5 minutes to prepare and think through the problem statement
  • You’ll have a 45 to 60-minute conversation with the interviewer in which you’ll present your thoughts and the interviewer will ask follow-up questions
  • The purpose of the Potentia interview is to challenge your strategic thinking. There is no right or wrong answer. There are also no calculations or math involved.

    Instead, the interviewer is assessing you on the structure and organization of your answer and your creativity.

    Tips for the Accenture Potentia Interview:

  • Use a framework or structure for your answer: Remember that you are being assessed on how you structure and organize your answer. Therefore, instead of listing random ideas that come to mind, develop a framework to structure your ideas.
  • Brainstorm as many ideas as you can: Use your framework to help you brainstorm effectively. Your framework should have three to five different areas. Meticulously think through each area and try to generate at least three ideas in each.
  • Have a mix of practical and ambitious ideas: You are being assessed on creativity, so make sure you include ideas that are ambitious and impactful. However, you also want to show sound business judgment, so you will need to include ideas that are practical and easier to implement. You should have a mix of these two types of ideas.
  • Bring in ideas that you learned from your prior work experience: One way to demonstrate creativity is to take ideas or solutions in one industry and apply them to another. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to leverage learnings from your prior work experience, you should definitely bring it up.
  • Make it a conversation: Remember that the Accenture Potentia interview is meant to be a two-way conversation. Make sure you are listening to the feedback or questions that the interviewer has and responding accordingly.
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