Accenture Ios Interview Questions

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Type of operating system Apple proprietary based on Macintosh OS X
OS fragmentation Tightly integrated with Apple devices
Security Heightened security guaranteed

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accenture ios interview questions

  • Q1. 1.Difference between class and struct? Add Answer
  • Q2. Solid Principles, Inheritance and behavioral questions. Add Answer
  • 2 What is SpriteKit and what is SceneKit?

    SpriteKit is a platform for creating animated 2D objects quickly and easily.

    SceneKit is a platform for 3D graphics rendering that was inherited from OS X.

    SpriteKit, SceneKit, and Metal are expected to boost a new generation of mobile games that push the boundaries of what the powerful GPUs in iOS devices can do.

    What is an unnamed category?

    An unnamed category has fallen out of favor now that @protocol has been extended to support the @optional methods. Class Extensions @interface Foo() is designed to allow us to declare additional private API— system programming interface (SPI)—that is used to implement the class innards. This typically appears at the top of the .m file. Any methods/properties declared in the class extension must be implemented in the @implementation, just like the methods/properties found in the public @interface. Class extensions can also be used to re-declare a publicly read-only @property as read-write prior to doing @synthesize on the accessors. Example:

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    1 Explain the different types of iOS Application States.

    You will experience a few app states while using the application. There are five states in the ios application as follows.

    The application is in the Not running state, if the app is not launched yet or if the application is not visible on the screen or also there is the possibility that the application is terminated by the user or by OS.

    An inactive state occurs when the application is not receiving events but the app is running in the background. An app transitions to a different state. when the user locks the screen or the system prompts the user to respond to some event such as a phone call or SMS message is the only time it stays inactive.

    In an ios application, Active State is the main executive state. In this state, the app is running in the foreground and the UI is accessible.

    Before being suspended most of all apps enter this state. If an app requests extra execution time then that will remain in this state for some more time. Also, an application will be launched directly into the background enters this background state instead of the inactive state

    In a suspended state the application does not execute any code. The system purges suspended apps without any notice to make more space for the foreground app when a low-memory condition occurs.

    Intermediate Interview Questions

    Swift is a modern programming language created by Apple for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS apps that combines the best of C and Objective-C, but without the C compatibility issues. Swift follows secure programming patterns while also incorporating modern features to make programming simpler, more versatile, and enjoyable. Swift is welcoming to novice programmers and feels familiar with Objective-C developers.

    The primary programming language for writing applications for OS X and iOS is Objective-C. It’s an object-oriented programming language with a dynamic runtime that’s a superset of the C programming language. Objective-C takes C’s syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements and adds class and process definition syntax.

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