Accenture Linux Admin Interview Questions

1 How to check and verify the status of the bond interface?

Using the following command, we can check which mode is enabled and what LAN cards are used in this bond:

In this example, we have a single bond interface. However, we can have multiple bond interfaces like bond1, bond2, and so on.

2 What command can you use to make a tape archive file of /home directory and send it to the /dev/tape device?

The command used here is:

The -xvf option is used to extract files from an archive.

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4 Is there any relation between the modprobe.conf file and network devices?

Yes, this file assigns a kernel module to each network device.


Linux Shell Scripting Interview Questions And Answers

1) How to create simple shell scripts in Linux?

ANS: Make sure that the file begins with “#!/bin/bash” before any command lines. Make it executable : chmod +x . Executed by running “sh ” OR <./>”.

2) Which command to be used to check the shell being used?

ANS: echo $SHELL echo $0

Like-wise :

#echo $? …..this shows the exit status of the most previous process command ran in shell.

#echo $$ ….this shows current shell ID (when run inside a script this would print the PID assigned to the shell)

….this prints the arguments passed when called for execution.

#echo $# …..this would show up total number of arguments passed.

#echo $! …..this would report PID of previous background process.

To check these, run a small script as shown below : #!/bin/bash echo -e “Print Current shell ID ($$): $$” echo -e “Arguments passed ([email protected]): [email protected]” echo -e “No of arguments passed ($#): $#” echo -e “This also prints arguments passed ($*): $*” ………..example: [[email protected] tmp]# ./ 1 2 3 Print Current shell ID ($$): 107199 Arguments passed ([email protected]): 1 2 3 No of arguments passed ($#): 3 This also prints arguments passed ($*): 1 2 3

What are the three standard streams in Linux?

In Linux, standard streams are channel communication of input and output between a program and its environment. In the Linux system, input and output are spread among three standard streams which are:

  • Standard Input (stdin)
  • Standard Output (stdout)
  • Standard Error (stderr)
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    How to reduce or shrink the size of the LVM partition?

    Below are the logical steps to reduce the size of the LVM partition:

  • Unmount the file system using the unmount command
  • Use the resize2fs command as follows:
  • Then, use the lvreduce command as follows:
  • This way, we can reduce the size of the LVM partition and fix the size of the file system to 10 GB.

    ACCENTURE Interview Questions & Answers!

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