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What are lambda expressions in Java?

  • A Lambda expression is a function that can be created without including it in any class. It was introduced in Java 8.
  • It is used to provide the interface implementation which has a functional interface. It does not require defining the method again for providing the implementation, it is allowed to just write the implementation code. Thus it saves plenty of coding.
  • Lambda expression is considered as a function, the .class file will not be created by the compiler.
  • They are generally used for simple callbacks or event listeners implementation, or in functional programming with the Java Streams API.
  • Lambda Expression Syntax is:(argument_list) -> {body} Three components of Lamda expression are:
    1. argument_list: Zero or more number of arguments.
    2. -> (arrow-token): Used to link argument_list and body of lambda expression.
    3. body: Contains statements and expressions for lambda expression.
  • A Java example program to illustrate lambda expressions by implementing the user-defined functional interface is given below:
  • In the above example program, Example Interface is the functional interface that has a single abstract method abstractPrint(). By using lambda expression within InterviewBit class, we are implementing the functional interface by providing implementation code for the abstract method within an interface.

    Interview Process in Accenture

  • How to search and apply : It is always advisable to apply on Accenture Career website Focus on the jobs that excite you and match your skills, experience and aspirations as opposed to submitting lots of applications. You can also apply on LinkedIn along with many third party job portals. It is an added advantage if you can make a connection with the existing employees to refer you to any jobs in Accenture. The next thing is you will be getting an email and you should prepare for a phone/video interview.
  • Phone interview : When asked to give a high-level overview of your qualifications, be prepared to talk through your career history in a succinct manner. Here, they want to hear about your previous roles, why you left and what you’ve done in your career that relates to the job for which you are applying. Be concise, but go into more detail if requested. They will usually have follow-up questions that come from discussions with the hiring managers. These questions are meant to delve into areas that are most applicable to the role.
  • Skills interview : Here always have examples to share. When discussing your past experiences, make them relatable to the work that Accenture is currently doing. Or, even better, relate your experiences to the role for which you are applying. This is where your research will really pay off. Be prepared with the skills that you are strong in and have mentioned in your resume as you will questioned most upon this itself. If you are asked a question and you don’t know the answer, be open and honest. Take the opportunity to mention that it’s an area in which you would like to grow your skillset. If you exaggerate what you know, it will eventually show. Be careful to not misrepresent yourself, or even worse, appear dishonest. It’s also just as important not to sell yourself short. Be confident; you have a lot to offer.
  • Behavioral interview : Many roles at Accenture require working closely with clients. How you react in certain scenarios is critical to success. Different than assessing your functional or technical knowledge, the behavioral interview evaluates the way you manage and overcome challenging situations. Going ahead in this article find some of the most asked behavioral questions in the Accenture interviews.
  • Let’s go ahead in this Accenture interview questions blog, and go through Accenture Behavioral Interview Questions.

    Q How do you allocate and deallocate memory in C++?

    The new operator is used for memory allocation and deletes operator is used for memory deallocation in C++. int value=new int; delete value;

    int *arr=new int[10]; delete []arr;

    Apart from these there will be many for questions asked even in different programming language.

    Let’s go ahead in this Accenture interview questions blog, and understand the Bonus Tips to Crack the Accenture Interview.

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