Accenture Peoplesoft Admin Interview Questions

QName the configuration file of Process Scheduler and its location?

Location: APPSRVPRCS Name psprcs.cfg

Updates statistics to all of the process request tables before deleting content. Purges of all process requests with the last update date that is past the Days Before Purge value for the specified run statuses. Deletes all of the subdirectories in the Log_Output directory that are associated with the process requests that are purged from the process request table if the Purge Process Files option was specified. Purges the report repository tables with expired dates, based on the specified number of retention days. Deletes all directories from the report repository that are associated with processes purged from the report repository tables.

Q How do we start & stop Peoplesoft Webserver in a single server domain?

Start: webserverstartpiaStop: webserverstoppia

9) Explain what is the role of PeopleSoft component Interfaces?PeopleSoft component interfaces give a way to use the PeopleSoft database without using a graphical user interface.  A component interface wraps PeopleSoft component, which is a logical grouping of PeopleSoft pages representing a complete business transaction.

  • Comma delimited files
  • Fixed format sequential files
  • XML files
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    Ans: PeopleSoft database contains three major sets of tables.

    System Catalog tables – It stores the physical attributes of tables and views that are used to optimize performance.PeopleTools tables – It stores the information about the installed PeopleSoft. It also holds the structure of specific objects.Application Data tables – It stores the actual data that the user enters into the pages of the PeopleSoft application.

    Ans: To launch the PSADMIN, go to PS_HOMEappserv location in the local file system, and run the psadmin.exe file. You can then choose the server that you want to configure from the PSADMIN menu.

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    Ans: The configuration file of Application Server is psappsrv.cfg, and it is located at PS_HOMEappserv\archive. The configuration file of Process Scheduler is psprcs.cfg, and it is located at PS_HOMEappservprcs.

    Ans: DDDAUDIT – The Database Audit Report checks for inconsistencies between PeopleTools and the database objects.SYSAUDIT – The System Audit identifies orphaned objects and any other consistencies within a system.ALTER AUDIT – It identifies records that require the SQL Alter process. It alters all the records that are flagged.

    Ans: It is like a file repository for the PeopleTools development environment. It stores the files needed for Database Connection Wizard, upgrades, patches, etc.


    Many reputed companies are using PeopleSoft now. According to a survey, the customers belong to several industries like education(13.7%), professional services(12%), government(10.3%), retail(6.6%), manufacturing(5.9%), utilities(5.7%), and many more. The PeopleSoft admin opportunities are plenty in number. So, make sure that you prepare well for the administration side of things like configuration and customization of PeopleSoft before attending the interview.

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  • Q1What is a shared cache and how do you enable it?

    The system assumes that a preloaded cache exists in the shared directory. The preloaded cache contains most instances of the managed object types that are cached to the file. While booting the application server, if the shared cache is enabled but no cache files exist, the system reverts to unshared caching.

    To set shared caching for the domain, set the Set ServerCacheMode to With this option enabled, the system stores the cache information in the following directory:appservcacheshare

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