Accenture Peoplesoft Interview Questions And Answers

15) Mention what are the different types of service operation does PeopleSoft Integration Broker provides?PeopleSoft integration broker supports four types of services

  • Asynchronous one-way
  • Asynchronous response/request
  • Asynchronous to synchronous
  • Synchronous
  • 13) Explain what is the use of Publish Utility in PeopleSoft?The publish utility automates the procedure of copying the contents of the entire table into a legacy system or remote database.

  • Web collaboration (Chat)
  • Voice (Telephone)
  • E-mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • What are the two primary components that the PeopleSoft integration broker is responsible for?

    The Integration Gateway is a platform that monitors and guarantees that PeopleSoft Integration Brokers service operations are received and delivered to the correct server/system, as the name suggests. The Integration Engine is responsible for routing the service operations of the PeopleSoft application. It can also be used to alter the service operations structure, and specific data can be translated to meet the needs of the user.

    1 What are the different ways in PeopleSoft to run an application engine program?

    In PeopleSoft, there are five possible ways to run an application engine program: Application designer, Command line prompt (dos), Process Scheduler, and Calling people code are some of the AE people tools.

    Do we use java in PeopleSoft?

    We use java to connect the interface through external APIs. Developers can generate a UI template in boilerplate java code that can help you resolve your problem. Developers called it PeopleCode, which enables you to refer to PeopleTools.

    1 What is the difference between a functional and a technical individual in PeopleSoft?

    A PeopleSoft functional person listens to clients needs and requirements, chooses what and how to alter things, and supervises the delivery of PeopleSoft applications. In PeopleSoft, a technical person is simply someone who writes code for PeopleSoft systems that meet the functional persons criteria and demands.

    What are the benefits of using a PeopleSoft connectivity broker?

    It assists you in carrying out your data integration tasks, either internally or with other third parties, as the name implies. Monitoring data structures, data format, and data transportation are all part of data handling. Because the PeopleSoft integration broker is modular, some of its components can be reused.

    16) Mention where you can add a value to the underlying table in PeopleSoft?In PeopleSoft, you can add a value into the “prompt table with no edit”.

  • Send master utility
  • Simple post utility
  • Automated integration point testing
  • Transformation test utility
  • Handler tester
  • Schema tester
  • What are the types of People Code functions?

    People code supports these types of functions:

  • Built-in
  • Internal
  • External people code
  • External non-people code
  • Top 10 Frequently Asked PeopleSoft Interview Questions

    PeopleSoft is software built by Oracle. It includes a few popular business solutions that help any organization run all processes seamlessly. It has also been designed to transfer the data through the Oracle Cloud.

    What are the various applications of the PeopleSoft Query?

    These queries can be used to display data, perform a separate query procedure, and need to schedule inquiries for accuracy level. Certain queries can be downloaded for offline use in an Excel spreadsheet or other forms. If youre working with Crystal Reports, these can also be used as data sources. When it comes to selecting a data recipient, PeopleSoft Query can help.

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    Your selection committee meets on a semiannual basis. Theyve determined that projects must meet or exceed a specific profit limit in order to be accepted and prioritized on the project list. Which of the following is true? A. The selection committee has defined project selection criteria, which is a tool and technique of Initiation. B. The selection committee has defined project selection methods, which is a tool and technique of Initiation. C. The selection committee has defined project selection methods, which is an input to Initiation. D. The selection committee has defined project selection criteria, which is an input to Initiation.

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