Accenture Performance Testing Interview Questions

18) What are the Correlate graph and overlay graph?

  • Correlate Graph: The Y-axis if both the graphs are plotted against each it herb. After this, the Y-axis of the graph that is active is considered to be the X-axis of the graph that is merged. Henceforth, the graph that was merged the Y-axis of that graph becomes the Y-axis merged.
  • Overlay Graph: Plot two graphs that contain the same x-axis. Left Y-axis in the merged graph shows the current value of the graph. The right Y-axis shows the value of the Y-axis of the graph that was merged.
  • 44) What is the Benchmark in performance testing?

    It is a kind of load testing performed on part of the application of complete application with the varied load to monitor performance changes. It is repeated until there exists a very minor percentage of difference in the measurements noted from the earlier tests.

    21) What do you know about distributed testing?

    The procedure that helps in performing application testing in case of the number of users who are gaining access to the application simultaneously is defined as distributed testing.

    3 I have a package which has 10 class files, would like to run first 6 class files in parallel and rest 4 in sequential how do you that?

    If your application involves inputting different types of user interactions, then Parameterization is the way to go. We can parameterize our automation scripts as per the framework being used for example Parameterization in TestNG framework for Selenium automation testing. We can consider using excel files to fetch data sets and subsequently use it in our automation scripts but as we enhance our automation suite, it becomes necessary to use more robust test automation frameworks like TestNG to cover a wide category of tests in a more powerful manner.

    Difference between stringbuffer and string classes?

    String Buffer String Class
    String buffer is Mutable class String class is Immutable class
    All methods are synchronized in this class. Methods are not synchronized
    It Consumes less memory. It Consumes more memory.
    The length of the StringBuffer can be increased. The length of the StringBuffer can be increased.
    String class overrides the equals() method of Object class. So you can compare the contents of two strings by equals() method. StringBuffer class doesnt override the equals() method of Object class.

    Software testing is a process, to evaluate the functionality of a software application with an intent to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements or not and to identify the defects to ensure that the product is defect-free in order to produce a quality product. Also the activities includes that ensure the identification of bugs/error/defects in a software.

    3 How do you access the methods in TestNG class file along with parameters?

  • Define parameters in the testng.xml file.
  • Refer those parameters in source files using @Parameters annotation.
  • @Parameters annotation’s attribute value will hold the list of variables used to fill the parameters of this method
  • Note that value is an optional attribute so you can skip it and straightaway specify the list of parameters
  • 15) What are the common mistakes that are done during performance testing?

    The common mistakes that are generally committed during Performance Testing are:-

  • Direct jump to multi-user tests
  • Test results not validated
  • unknown workload details
  • Too small run duration
  • Lacking long-duration sustainability test
  • Confusion on definite of Concurrent users
  • a significant difference between test and production environment
  • Network bandwidth not stimulated
  • Underestimating performance testing schedules
  • Incorrect extrapolation of pilots
  • Inappropriate base-lining of configurations.
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