Accenture Process Associate Interview Questions

1 Explain about getch() function in a C++ program. How it is different from getche() function?

The getch() is a pre-defined library function in C++ that is used to receive a single input character from the keyboard, and it holds the screen until it does not receive any character from standard input. This function does not require any arguments and it is defined under the “conio.h” header file.

This program holds the output screen until you press any character on the keyboard.

The only difference between these two functions is getch() does not echo the character to the screen whereas getche() does.

What is the kind of work environment in Accenture?

The prime reason why Accenture is a great place to work or build your career is because of its robust work environment. From varied areas of expertise to backgrounds, from everywhere around the world, you will work and learn from some of the smartest, most generous people anywhere. Irrespective of the work locations, Accenture’s multi-functional areas essentially support creativity, innovation, learning & development, and teamwork.

Why do you want to join Accenture?

This question can be answered by mentioning the following major points with respect to Accenture:

  • Brand Name: Accenture is a renowned brand in the market, which is a prime reason to pursue a job in this organization. The company is more into technology and operations that can be a perfect fit for any IT professionals.
  • Work-Life Balance: Accenture offers a good work-life balance to its employees. Essentially you can give the time to your personal and family aspects also.
  • Colleagues: The company recruits candidates in different levels – entry, mid, and top, which is making the employees with diverse experience and knowledge come forward and work as a team. The Accenture employees like working in this organization due to co-operative team members & colleagues.
  • Work Environment: Accenture provides a favorable work environment and compels the employees to work together in a learning environment.
  • Quality of Work: The Employees are offered qualitative work that makes it more exciting to work at Accenture. The company offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow from time to time.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application online, our recruitment team will review your application. They will also see if other roles match your profile. Not getting a role can often be a matter of timing, rather than a reflection of your skills or qualifications. So if things don’t work out with your first application, don’t let that stop you from looking out and applying to other roles in the future.

    As we deliver on our promise of technology and human ingenuity, Accenture offers the world a new, bold, meaningful perspective—Let there be change. At the heart of every great change, is a great human. For our people, we offer boundaryless opportunities to learn, grow and advance in an innovative culture that thrives on shared success and diverse ways of thinking. Join us to help us create value and to drive your career in new and exciting ways.

    We know how important regular updates are. Whether we’re extending an offer or giving you some advice to help with future interviews, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. If you receive an offer, we welcome further discussions before you make your decision. We know it is a big decision and it’s important you have all the facts.

    Our people are the No. 1 reason why Accenture is a great place to start or build a career. From diverse areas of expertise to backgrounds from everywhere around the world, you’ll work and learn from some of the smartest, most generous people anywhere. And whether working virtually or onsite, our multi-functional spaces support innovation, creativity, learning and development and teamwork.

    The next step in the process is a series of interviews—which may be on the phone, via video, or in person—to better understand your skills, experience and motivations. Some positions may require an online assessment for coding skills, natural strengths and decision-making. Remember that interviews are two-way conversations. Use your time to ask questions to learn about Accenture and the role. We’re always happy to connect you with subject matter experts and future colleagues within Accenture for informal conversations to give you more insights.

    ACCENTURE Interview Questions & Answers!

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