Accenture Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interview Questions

Which message actions can be performed in Journey Builder?

Messaging activities in a journey include:

  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Mobile push notifications
  • In-app messages
  • Inbox messages
  • LINE messages
  • Note that content must be created before designing a journey for some messaging activities.

    What is the difference between an Engagement Split and a Decision Split?

    Split activities divide contacts into separate cohorts that follow different paths.

  • Decision Split: based on contact attributes. By placing a Decision Split in a journey, Journey Builder evaluates the data of that specific contact, sending them down the path they are eligible for.
  • Engagement Split: based on contact engagement/activity. Based on whether a customer opens, clicks an email link, or the email bounces, the Engagement Split activity sends customers down the path they are eligible for.
  • 2 When a contact unsubscribes from the parent Business Unit (BU), will they be unsubscribed from the child BU, too?

    When the Business Unit has the ‘Unsubscribe from this Business Unit Only’ setting enabled, the Active/Unsubscribed status in ‘All Subscribers’ is maintained separately across BUs. This means that the contact will not be unsubscribed from the child BU (with this setting enabled).

    You can always change the setting to have customers unsubscribe from all child BUs when unsubscribed from the parent BU.

    1 Del modelo/estructura de datos disponible en Salesforce, ¿cuál usará y dónde?

    Hay dos estructuras/modelos de datos diferentes en Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    Una lista es una colección de suscriptores que reciben sus comunicaciones. Es una buena práctica categorizar a los suscriptores en varias listas.

  • Puede ser fructífero para empresas con los siguientes requisitos:
  • Menos de 500.000 suscriptores
  • Menos número de atributos para suscriptores.
  • Simplicidad sobre rendimiento
  • Es una tabla dentro de la base de datos de una aplicación y almacena datos que deben enviarse a los suscriptores como listas o simplemente para albergar datos relacionales.

  • Es fructífero en los siguientes requisitos:
  • Más de 500,00 suscriptores
  • Se requieren definiciones separadas para múltiples conjuntos de datos de suscriptor.
  • Alta velocidad
  • use las API SOAP o REST
  • Modelo de suscripción flexible
  • Más campo requerido
  • Envíos activados
  • Answer: – Contacts are the details of an individual or firm held in the database of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They will also obtain the notifications via any of the networks of the cloud. Subscribers belong to Contacts that are actually stored in the Email Studio. These contacts have chosen to get messages and their own channels like Email, SMS, push, etc.

    Answer: – It depends on the journey of the customer that is personalized in the Journey settings. There could be a possibility that it can set as allowing customers to come back to the journeys at any time or re-enter after exiting. It can also be set as not to allow the customer to enter the journey.

    Answer: – Dynamic email content is a customized part of a mass message that needs to be converted based on the subscriber’s behavior or data. A number of its own advantages are that it saves time. You can send segmented relevant fractional content, prevent trouble updating email listing located on the picked information, and help make different email templates for a different audience.

    2 How can you change the branding of the standard Preference Centre page?

    BrandBuilder allows you to customize the color scheme used in your Marketing Cloud account, which can be applied to the following:

  • Logo, and header background color on every screen,
  • Primary navigation buttons,
  • The look of the login screen,
  • Survey landing page,
  • Forward to a Friend landing page,
  • Profile Center and Subscription Center.
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