Accenture Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

JobTestPrep’s Accenture Associate Software Engineer PrepPack™ is customized to help you successfully complete the various stages of the recruitment process. Gain the knowledge, insights and the practice needed to get a job as an Accenture Associate Software Engineer.

Included in the Accenture Associate Software Engineer preparation pack are over 70 interview preparation tips, guides, and video tutorials, along with verbal, mathematical, figural, spatial, clerical, and reasoning practice tests, as well as a full personality practice test. Prepare for interviews tests that assess comprehension and problem-solving skills, along with teamwork and independent work skills.

The 1st round was the hardest among all the other rounds. It had Verbal (20), Quantitative (20), Logical (20) and Technical Questions(30). Even though everything was answerable the 90 minute time period made the whole round harder.

General Hr round was very simple. 5 of the selected candidates were interviewed at the same time. You should be good at communicating your ideas and should be able to brainstorm the points for the topic given by the interviewers.

This is how I got Selected as a Full Stack Engineer in Accenture and now I am waiting for my Call Letter.

After clearing the 1st round you were asked to select between two roles Associate Software Engineer-ASE(4.5 LPA) or Full Stack Engineer-FSE(6.5LPA). If you select ASE you need not attend the 2nd coding round, if you select FSE you will be given 2 programs and the allocated time is 45 minutes. You have to finish both programs in order to get an FSE role. If you couldn’t finish both the programs you will still have the chance to get ASE.

Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

  • Q1. All basic questions related to Selenium webdriver asked by Interviewer Add Answer
  • Q2. Few questions related to TestNG framework Add Answer
  • Q3. Core Java- overloading/overriding Arraylist Add Answer
  • Top skills recommended for Accenture Software Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

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    How Can I Prepare for the Accenture Personality Test?

    A: JobTestPrep’s Accenture Associate Software Engineer Pack can help you prepare for personality test. The pack includes over 70 practice tests including a full personality test.

    Software Engineer Jobs at Accenture

    accenture senior software engineer interview questions

    accenture senior software engineer interview questions

    accenture senior software engineer interview questions

    accenture senior software engineer interview questions

    accenture senior software engineer interview questions

    accenture senior software engineer interview questions

    Software Engineer Interview Questions

  • Q1. What is your name,my name is Naga Lakshmi, degree complete in 2021 pass Add Answer
  • Q2. Carruntly in banglore in marthahalli Add Answer
  • Q3. 0 experience, salary 25k Add Answer
  • Q4. Job is my life, life long Add Answer
  • Q5. My favourite company name ammbitionbox Add Answer
  • Accenture Associate Software Engineer Job Description

    An Associate Software Engineer at Accenture is assigned a flow of projects and tasks, ranging from software support and testing to coding and development projects. The role is dynamic, so show interest in learning and taking initiative. Apply the leadership skills you exhibited in interviews and tests for advancement within the position and at Accenture overall.

    What Kinds of Questions are Included in the Accenture Aptitude Tests?

    A: The Accenture Associate Software Engineer aptitude tests include a blend of mathematical, verbal, reasoning and logic tests that assess your comprehension, problem-solving, and technical skills.

    111interviewsfound Sort by:

    Small puzzles, Basic math (expessially on loss and profit), English – read a paragraph and answer below questions, Basic programming skills – Focus on debugging (find error in the code) and basic syntax/loops/output of code.

    2 Programming questions. 1 Easy: Easy for even beginners just put in a week and study basic arrays / tricks on sorting, searching an element, objects/hashmap ( very rare ). 2 Medium: For this you need to prepare but not to worry because its optional to clear. Since you will be selected if you pass 1st coding problem. But you will be selected as ASE. For SE you need to clear the 2nd one. This contains hashmaps, tricky sorting/searching algo or some normal array with a tricky algo.

  • Q1. Interview was easy basic background and experience View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Tell us about your self Add Answer
  • Q3. Tell us about the final year engineering project you are currently working on Add Answer
  • Q4. Technologies you have experience in Add Answer
  • Q5. Basic questions on experience based tools ex. If worked in frontend or backend. Where you used your skills on Add Answer
  • Q6. Hr: If you have a problem in project how do you solve it. Did you face this type of problem before. How you tackled it in IRL.etc. Add Answer
  • Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

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