Accenture Sterling Integrator Interview Questions

2 How do you assign the activities to users?

For any activity with a BPM service implementation, you can designate the users who receive the runtime task by using the Assignments page in the properties for that activity. In the Designer view, click activity in a BPD diagram to display its properties. Go to the Assignments page in the properties view. From the Assign To list, choose one of the following options: Last User in Lane Assigns the runtime task to the user who completed the activity that immediately precedes the selected activity in the swimlane. Do not select this option for the first activity in a lane unless the activity is a service in a top-level BPD and a Start Event is in the lane. In this case, the runtime task is routed to the user who started the BPD. Lane Participant Assigns the runtime task to the participant group associated with the swimlane in which the selected activity is located (the default selection). Routing Policy Assigns the runtime task according to the policy that you establish. List of Users Assigns the runtime task to an ad hoc list of users. Custom Assigns the runtime task according to the JavaScript expression that you provide in the corresponding field. To select one or more variables for your expression, click the variable selection icon next to the field. The JavaScript expression produces results such as USER, ROLE, or PG, where user_name is the name of an IBM® BPM user (such as tw_author), group_name is the name of an IBM BPM security group (such as tw_authors), and participant_group is the name of a group of users in your enterprise.

Coaches are the user interfaces for human services.

There are two types of user interfaces for human services: dashboards and task completion. To build either type of user interface for human services, you use Coaches.

  • When a Coach is a dashboard user interface, users can run it as a stand-alone user interface at any time. The users access it through the Process Portal.
  • When a Coach is a task completion user interface, it is part of the human service flow. At run time, when the flow enters the Coach, the user sees the user interface that is defined for that Coach. The user interface consists of HTML code that is displayed in a web browser. The flow leaves the Coach when a boundary event occurs. A Coach can have multiple exits flows with each one associated with a different boundary event.
  • How a BPD can be divided into?

    The BPD can be divided into Lanes and Milestones. The horizontal lines are called Lanes and vertical ones are called Milestones.

    3 What are undercover agents (UCA)?

    An undercover agent is started by an event. The event can be a message event, a content event, or a timer event that is the result of a specific schedule

    Message events can originate from a Business Process Diagram (BPD), from a web service that you create, or from a message that you post to the JMS listener.

    When an undercover agent executes, it invokes an IBM Business Process Manager service or a BPD in response to the event.

    When you include a message event or content event in a BPD, you must attach an undercover agent to the event. For example, when a message event is received from an external system, an undercover agent is needed to trigger the message event in the BPD in response to the message.

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