Account Receivable Clerk Interview Questions And Answers

Why do you want to work for us, and not one of our competitors? All companies in the city are hiring new clerks for entry-level accounting jobs.

Do some research to find a perfect answer to this question. Check the website of the company, and their social media profiles. Try to learn more about what they do, their working culture, their training program, and what other people (especially former employees) think about them.

Try to find something that sounds great, something you can mention as a reason for your preferences. It can be their excellent reputation, famed team building events, endless career growth opportunities, the quality of services they offer to their final customers, or an interesting package of benefits for new hires.

It can be anything that caught your eye on their job description, website, or FB page. The key is to make them believe that they are your first choice, and that you did not apply with ten other companies for the same job, and simply try your luck in the interview with them (even if true).

Start optimizing your recruiting process today.

Start optimizing your recruiting process today.

Which process do you use to determine whether a customer is worthy of credit?

Your candidates may explain that they use accounts receivable aging reports to find out which clients are behind with their payments and determine whether they are worthy of credit.

They may identify that a single client is behind many late payments and take action. Answers should also show that your candidate understands the process of credit application.

Which skills do accounts receivable roles require?

Knowledge of accounts receivable, top math skills, record-keeping skills, and management skills are crucial for an accounts receivable role.

1 Explain what services rendered means.

Services rendered refers to services that a business offers and fulfills before the client pays for the service. Accounts receivable professionals will record the rendered service and produce an invoice when the service agreement has concluded. They will then present the invoice to the client to get paid.

DSO is short for days sales outstanding. It refers to the average number of days it takes for a firm to collect a payment from a client following the completion of a sale.

What do you do if you find a billing discrepancy in an invoice?

Invoicing mistakes can happen, and candidates should know to resolve them.

Can they explain how they would resolve any potential disputes, e.g., by checking the formal agreement between the business and the client? Can they give examples of different formal agreements they would need to check, such as supply or purchase agreements?

1 Explain what net sales mean.

Candidates should know that “net sales” is a term that defines the gross sales a company makes, minus its discounts or returns. They may explain that if net sales change, this will affect an enterprise’s gross profit margin.

BRS is an acronym that means “bank reconciliation statement.” Candidates may explain that bank reconciliation statements count as confirmation that a payment has been processed.

A derivative is a contract that is established between two or more parties. Derivatives derive their value from underlying assets. Candidates may provide examples of common derivatives, such as a contract or a swap.

Use structured interviews and take notes to compare candidates easily

Avoiding unstructured interviews and sticking to a structured interview process can make your job easier when comparing candidates’ responses. During structured interviews, you can also take notes of your candidates’ answers.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Pass an Accounts Receivable Clerk job Interview!)

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