Account Receivable Job Interview Questions

7 general accounts receivable interview questions and answers

Here are seven general accounts receivable interview questions to ask candidates at the beginning of the interview.

Use them to learn about your candidates’ general accounts receivable knowledge.

Explain what an accounts receivable role involves.

Some of the main responsibilities of an accounts receivable role include monitoring and processing incoming payments, ensuring the smooth functioning of the billing system, reconciling accounts, checking irregularities and resolving them, and creating statements and invoices.

Which process do you use to maintain an organized ledger?

In addition to logging the date and description of the payment, candidates should also include several key categories on a ledger to keep it organized. Candidates may mention key categories they use, such as:

Tell us something about your education and experience.

Refer to things that relate to the job. The courses from accounting and IT (MS Word, MS Excel) you had at school, or any other subjects that will help you in your work with invoices, accounts, and clients’ representatives.

This is an entry level position, and no previous experience is required. But if you had some jobs before, you could mention duties that helped you to get ready for your new role–that means any clerical, administrative, or accounting duties.

If you apply for your first job, you can simply say that you are a quick learner, understand the job description, and are sure that after initial training you will be able to handle the job to the satisfaction of your employer.

Which accounting software have you used?

Candidates may respond by listing different kinds of accounting software, such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks. Pay special attention to candidates who have experience with the accounting software your organization uses, but check that they have used it recently and understand all the features.

If they haven’t used your software, they should show that they are willing to learn.

This Accounts Receivable Clerk interview profile brings together a snapshot of what to look for in candidates with a balanced sample of suitable accounts receivable (AR) interview questions. Similar job titles include Accounts Receivable Manager.

Accounts Receivable Clerks are found in all types of industries. Some positions may even be entry-level positions requiring no more than a high school degree and some customer service experience. These accounts receivable process interview questions are intended to help you find a more experienced AR clerk, a skilled candidate who likely has a BS degree in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration and proficiency with spreadsheets and accounting software.

Open-ended and situational questions in an accounts receivable interview will encourage your candidates to speak at length about their relevant AR experience. Listen closely to their interview answers to learn how they explain accounts receivable processes and terminology. How deeply do they understand the function of the role? How would you rate their problem-solving skills? What motivates them to do this job accurately and efficiently? Answers to these questions will help you find the right clerk for your team. These interview questions can solicit answers that will make this decision clear.

Tell me about a time you made an accounting error. How did you correct it?

Each candidate may have a unique response to this question. It’s important to listen to the methods they used to resolve the error, what they learned, and how they avoided making it again in the future.

For instance, they may mention a discrepancy that they failed to reconcile. In this case, you should note what they learned from this error and whether they adopted any proactive methods to prevent such errors in the future, such as working on their attention to detail skills.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Pass an Accounts Receivable Clerk job Interview!)

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