Account Strategist Interview Questions


“Sue, let’s just chat about a few concepts that I think are going to be helpful for us to narrow down our focus. The number one place I am always going to start is data. Then, I am going to be thinking about resources or tools. And what is their budget and timeline?

“In addition, I would want to understand the scope and scale. Who are the target customers? Who are the critical stakeholders I will be working with? And focusing on how to best create a shared vision and plan to address their needs.

“Sue, I would love to start with the data, but is there another area you would like to focus on?”

Share the most challenging campaign you have worked on. What were the results?

Reveals the candidates ability to handle high-pressure situations, tackle challenges that arise with tenacity and ensure that campaigns are executed efficiently from start to finish.

1 . Walk me through your resumetop question

This question is often asked at the beginning of the interview.

The interviewer wants to hear a brief overview, a summary of your professional experience, in order to have a starting point from which they can dig deeper.

Structuring your answer wisely gives you a good chance to emphasize your Key Selling Points and to channel the conversation in the direction you want.

  • About YourselfPrint out your resume. For each of your recent job experiences (at this point do not go back more than 5 years), write down 3-5 key points at which you feel you are strong. For example, for your current (or previous) job, you may want to list skills like “Excellent presentation skills,” “Employee Engagement guru,” “Analytical skills,” “Attention to detail” (they don’t have to be all soft skills, but being aware of at least a few of your strong soft skills is important). Make sure you have examples for each of your statements. If you have difficulties to think of these points, search online for job descriptions for similar job roles, and figure out which of those keywords appeal to you. Look for people on LinkedIn that have jobs similar to the one you are applying for. Their profiles often contain many keywords that you can use in response to this question. Now that you’ve gone through all your recent experiences, are there any points that repeat more often than others, or are especially important to you? These are candidates to be your Key Selling Points -highlight 3-5 of them.
  • About The CompanyResearch the company and the role for which youre being interviewed. When researching the company, find out what skills and qualities they value the most. Carefully consider the job requirements. What is it that you will be responsible for? Now, write down 3-5 keywords from the job description that you find of utmost importance for this job role.
  • About The FitTry to establish the match between your own highlighted keywords, and those of the job description. These are your Key Selling Points! You should normally limit yourself by 3-5 such keywords or phrases. Now, craft a story based on your career history. You don’t have to go in chronological order – you can start with your current or last job experience, and then go back to your previous ones, or focus on just the experiences that are relevant to your story, and only briefly mention the less relevant ones and only if needed. Select one point to highlight for each phase of your career. Make sure you ingrain your Key Selling Points in the interviewer’s memory – after the interview is over, you want them to remember you as someone who is strong at XYZ, or experienced in A, B and C. Its okay to focus more on stellar achievements and brag a little bit about them.
  • Dont bore the interviewer by going through your resume line-by-line.

    Instead, WOW them by succinctly (keep it within 2 minutes) telling a story of how your career path has brought you to this point and how you are the best candidate for this role.

    Super tip: The more you practice with Mr. Simon, the better youll be at telling WOW-worthy succinct stories!

    Account Strategist Interview with Question and Answer

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