Accountability Competency Based Interview Questions

1 Can You Describe A Situation When Your Work Did Not Meet Your Manager’s Expectations?

Working in a pet store, I was expected to clean cages and aquariums. I was okay with cleaning those except for cleaning the reptiles’ terrarium because I was scared of reptiles. I have the imagination that the reptiles will bite me. With that , I could not clean the terrarium thoroughly, and my manager was upset about that. So, what I did to overcome my fear was to try touching the reptiles every day until I was comfortable with them. After doing this for a few weeks, I overcame my fear, and surprisingly I managed to have special bonds with them. They no longer looked at me as a threat, which helped me a lot when cleaning the terrarium.

1 How To Make Accountability A Core Value For Your Team?

As a leader, I want my team to have accountability as their core value. Therefore, what I would do:

  • Lead by example – by doing so, I will show that I am accountable for my actions and decisions. If I keep pushing deadlines and not respecting others’ time, my team will follow suit.
  • Set goal – I will set the team’s goals. These goals will be made clear to everybody and measurable to create accountability.
  • Feedback – it is essential to get feedback, especially two-ways feedback because feedback can help us to improve further.
  • If You Make Mistakes, How Do You Correct It?

    When I was a junior engineer, I was unfamiliar with the software my colleagues used in the company. At first, I could manage it and learn how to use it alone, but I was wrong. Instead of doing the right thing, I eventually deleted some critical data stored in the software. Luckily there was a backup for all the data. Since that day, whenever I am unfamiliar with anything, I will ask for help and guidance so I will not make the same mistake again.

    Can You Give An Example of When Others Made A Mistake, And You Have To Take The Blame? How Do You Feel About That?

    I once worked in a convenience store, and in that store, we had to work in a pair. One day, my partner was assigned to be the cashier, and I needed to fill up the stocks on the rack. Unfortunately, during the closing, the actual amount we had that day was less than what was registered in the system. I didn’t know about it until the next day when my supervisor warned me and made me replace the money. I was so disappointed and felt betrayed. Since that incident, I have let my team and supervisor know what section I would work on that day. I typed it in our group chat so that I would not be accountable for the things that were not in my responsibility area.

    What Is A Weakness That You Are Still Working On?

    My number one weakness is that I do not know how to say ‘no,’ and I always feel guilty after saying one. I realized that when I am not saying ‘no,’ I tend to get more tasks on my plate that will affect my mental health because completing overwhelming tasks on time is very stressful. This is a weakness that I am still working on. I am trying to say ‘no’ whenever necessary and will remind myself that it is okay.

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