Accounting Interview Questions Big 4

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Big 4 Interviews require a lot of research and preparation. We have prepared the the following 2022 big 4 interview page to be a complete resource to you on your big 4 journey. We want to help you be as successful as possible on your big 4 interview.

First let’s go over what the purpose of a big 4 interview is.

Skills and knowledge based interview questions

Skills based questions are more technical in nature and will focus more on the knowledge you’ve gained through study and/or previous internships. Aside from some common questions, you will usually be required to work on a case study to demonstrate your understanding and skills. With the types of questions below, an organisation is looking to test your knowledge on not just the things you’ve learned during your degree, but also whether you keep up to speed with industry standards and if you’ve sufficiently researched their business.

Emma Taylor, the senior manager for national graduate talent acquisition at Deloitte Australia advises, ‘We are looking for people that are naturally inquisitive and passionate about their future and show genuine interest in our business and our leaders. You will stand out if you have done thorough research around our business and client offerings.’

  • What can you bring to the organisation?
  • What are your thoughts on the current business climate?
  • Tell us something about yourself that isn’t on your resume.
  • Why did you choose this line of work?
  • Why are you applying at this company?
  • Have you heard about any recent cases our organisation has been engaged in?
  • What can you tell me about the current tax system?
  • What are your thoughts on the Intergenerational Report?
  • How do you keep up to date with current events?
  • Describe a situation that displays our organisation’s values.
  • What do you like about technology?
  • Big 4 Interview Tip #3 Practice Your Small Talk

    That leads me to my next tip. You need to be able to engage in small talk on your big 4 interview. Many big 4 interviewers aren’t very good at making small talk. If you aren’t good at small talk, then that will make two people that are bad at small talk which equals complete and utter awkward silence.

    You need to have some questions ready to ask. Questions are the easiest way to break silence and break the ice with your interviewer. Asking about your interviewer’s weekend plans is a good question to start with. I work in the big 4 on a daily basis. You have no idea how many times I hear this question and ask this question. Utilize my knowledge to your benefit. Your interviewer will be used to this as well and will feel at ease after you ask it.

    If a holiday just passed, you can ask them how their holiday was. Another good question is to ask the person how long they have been working at the big 4 firm you are interviewing with and after they answer you can ask them what made them choose to work and what do they like about their job. These are all good questions to ask your interviewer and they are also good questions to help break the awkward silences.

    Another way to make small talk is having a story ready. People love stories. Stories make people feel comfortable. Think of how you can craft a story about your weekend that is professional and puts you in a good light. This will help you develop rapport on your big 4 interview.


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