Accounts Payable Interview Essay Questions

Have you ever found an invoice discrepancy, and if so, how did you resolve it?

I have found an invoice discrepancy in the past. I was doing a final review of the invoice when I noticed an odd detail with the dates. An earlier date was on a row above a later date, which was very odd at my last job. I decided to pull out the original documents in order to compare the two. This analysis allowed me to realize the date had been entered into the invoice incorrectly. While this may seem like a minor issue, it can lead to troubles during tax review time.

What documents would you use to verify an invoice?

Verifying invoices is an important part of making sure the company is only paying accurate bills. To verify an invoice, I would use a purchase order, receiving report and vendor invoice. I would then compare those three documents to make sure all of them match. If the three documents have the same information, it is a good indication that the bill is valid and should be paid.

Which information must you have for invoice approval for payments?

Candidates should respond by identifying a few of the critical factors and bits of information essential for invoice approval. For instance, they should know that checking if the goods or services have been acknowledged is vital, and they should note that verifying the amount is essential. They may also mention that checking whether the organization has been expecting a reduction in cost is important.

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What steps do you take before you make a payment?

Some of the processes that candidates might mention in response to this question include:

  • Checking for holds when the income and expense statement is being coordinated and validated
  • Starting the process of approving the invoice if workflow implementation has been completed
  • After invoice approval, starting the payment
  • Completing the accounting process once the invoice has been endorsed
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    The open matter of an account can only be empty once you post an equal offsetting quantity to the account. During clearing, the scheme enters a payment document number and the clearing date in these items. In this way, invoices in a seller account are indicated as salaried, and items in a bank clearing account are indicated as cleared.

    I am thrilled about the opportunities obtainable at this company and in the position of accounts payable clerk. Right now, I am operational on my Certified Public Accountant designation, which I plan to use should an accountant position open up within the business. Otherwise, I will carry on gaining experience and information that will help me get an accountant position in the future.

    Verifying invoices is a significant part of making sure the company is only paying accurate bills. To confirm an invoice, I would use a obtain order, receiving report and vendor invoice. I would then evaluate those three documents to make sure the entire contest. If the three documents have similar information, it is a good suggestion that the bill is suitable and should be paid.

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