Accounts Payable Manager Job Interview Questions

Which accounting software packages would you highly recommend and why?

Assesses the candidates analytical skills and knowledge of relevant software.

How would you resolve a mistake made by a member of your team?

Evaluates the candidates ability to handle staff and to deal with pressure.

I like what I’m hearing but we’ve got a ton of great candidates. Why should we hire you?

An easy question to answer well with one caveat – don’t slam your fellow interviewee’s. On the one hand, you have an opportunity to really stand out from the pack. Alternatively, You shouldn’t assume the skills of other applicants. Focus on your own strengths, and if the interviewer hasn’t given you an opportunity to mention that one “slam dunk” quality about yourself, now would be the time.

Is there a wrong way to answer this question? Consider the responses below:

  • “I really need a job right now”
  • “I need the money”
  • “Your office is really close to my house”
  • “I’ve always been interested in what you guys do”
  • Notice any commonality here? All of these answers demonstrate a benefit to you. While every employer assumes that these sorts of things play in on some level, these are not the reasons they are going to hire you.

    In summation, clearly illustrate what in specific has made you a good employee, and how you envision yourself contributing to and benefiting the company.

    1 What are your salary expectations?

    Many consider this question to be a loaded gun – dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced. Often times, an interviewee will start talking salary before they’ve had an opportunity to illustrate their skill set and value making any sort of leverage valueless. Here, knowledge is power, as salary often comes down to negotiation. Do some research into your industry to establish base rates of pay based on seniority and demand but keep in mind – your employer is hiring you for what they believe you are worth, and how much benefit they feel you will provide.

    One relatively safe approach is simply asking the interviewer about the salary range. If you wish to avoid the question entirely, respond by saying that “money isn’t a key factor” and your primary goal is to advance in your career.

    Example: “In my previous role, I was responsible for processing thousands of invoices each month. My team and I used a proprietary accounting system that allowed us to process these invoices quickly. We had a set deadline each day to submit our reports to upper management. In this position, I learned how to manage my time effectively while working with others on projects.”

    Example: “I have worked with several accounts payable management systems in my career so far. I started out using SAP, but found that it was too complicated for me to learn on my own. I switched over to NetSuite, where I learned how to navigate through the system more easily. I find that NetSuite is easy to use while still being highly functional.”

    This question can help the interviewer understand your experience with different software and systems. It can also show them which ones you prefer to use in your work. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention a few of the systems you’ve used before and what you like about each one.

    Example: “I think the most important skill an accounts payable manager needs is strong communication skills. This position requires me to work with many different people, including other accountants, vendors and my team members. I would need to be able to clearly explain accounting procedures to these individuals in a way they understand. Communication also helps me collaborate with others on projects and delegate tasks effectively.”

    Example: “I have a process for managing supplier invoices that I developed over my career. First, I review all outstanding invoices to ensure they are accurate and complete. Then, I check with my team to see if there are any questions or concerns about the invoice. After this step, I send the invoice to the accounting department to be processed. Finally, I approve the invoice so it can be paid.”

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