Accounts Receivable Questions And Answers Interview

How do you close the accounts receivable phase?

Candidates should be familiar with the many types of balances they should review when closing an accounts receivable period. They should also know how to reconcile accounts receivable transactions and explain the different steps of the process.

When should you use accounts receivable interview questions?

We suggest you use accounts receivable interview questions during the last stages of the recruitment process, after having filtered out unsuitable candidates with the help of skills tests.

Skills testing should always precede interviews, so that you can shortlist your most promising applicants and only invite them to an interview, instead of interviewing everyone. This approach helps you streamline the hiring process and save time and effort.

Skills testing also enables you to minimize unconscious bias during hiring.

Once you receive skills assessments results, you’ll be able to identify the best applicants and invite them to an interview. From there, you can use the accounts receivable questions in this article to gain a deeper understanding of your candidates’ skills and knowledge.

What do you do if you find a billing discrepancy in an invoice?

Invoicing mistakes can happen, and candidates should know to resolve them.

Can they explain how they would resolve any potential disputes, e.g., by checking the formal agreement between the business and the client? Can they give examples of different formal agreements they would need to check, such as supply or purchase agreements?

Explain what working capital is.

Working capital is a term that refers to the difference between an enterprise’s current assets and its liabilities.

In response to this question, candidates may describe a few examples of current assets, such as accounts receivable, and examples of current liabilities, such as accounts payable.

This job is quite repetitive. How do you plan to motivate yourself in work?

First and foremost, try to speak with enthusiasm in your voice (when answering any question). They shouldn’t get the impression that you apply with them just because you need money, and that you see nothing good about the job.

You can say that you are a team player, and look forward to meet new people in work. You do not want to let them down, and so you always try your best in work, so the entire team can excel.

Alternatively you can refer to your goals (in both personal and professional life), and say that you understand the importance this job plays in your professional career (and in everything you want to achieve in the future). Keeping bigger picture always on your mind helps you to see meaning in seemingly meaningless and repetitive duties…

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Why do you want to work for us, and not one of our competitors? All companies in the city are hiring new clerks for entry-level accounting jobs.

Do some research to find a perfect answer to this question. Check the website of the company, and their social media profiles. Try to learn more about what they do, their working culture, their training program, and what other people (especially former employees) think about them.

Try to find something that sounds great, something you can mention as a reason for your preferences. It can be their excellent reputation, famed team building events, endless career growth opportunities, the quality of services they offer to their final customers, or an interesting package of benefits for new hires.

It can be anything that caught your eye on their job description, website, or FB page. The key is to make them believe that they are your first choice, and that you did not apply with ten other companies for the same job, and simply try your luck in the interview with them (even if true).

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Pass an Accounts Receivable Clerk job Interview!)

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