Accounts Receivable Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

Explain what an accounts receivable role involves.

Some of the main responsibilities of an accounts receivable role include monitoring and processing incoming payments, ensuring the smooth functioning of the billing system, reconciling accounts, checking irregularities and resolving them, and creating statements and invoices.

Which accounting software have you used?

Candidates may respond by listing different kinds of accounting software, such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks. Pay special attention to candidates who have experience with the accounting software your organization uses, but check that they have used it recently and understand all the features.

If they haven’t used your software, they should show that they are willing to learn.

Why do you want to work as an Accounts Receivable Clerk?

Certainly you do not want to have this position for years on end–and interviewers are aware of it. The job is rather monotonous, and unless you see the bigger picture and understand how this job will open you doors that lead to other, more interesting working opportunities, you will easily lose your motivation.

Tell them about your career goals, what you want to do in two, five or ten years. Accounts Receivable position is a good start for your career in accounting, or business administration.

You can add that you do not make mistakes in work, and believe you will do a good job as a clerk.

1 How do you record journal entries?

Candidates should know that they must first make a debit entry in the accounts receivable and then make a credit entry in a sales account to make a journal entry.

13 behavioral accounts receivable interview questions and answers

This section contains 13 behavioral accounts receivable interview questions and answers.

Ask your candidates these questions to learn how they behave in a work environment and how they complete accounts receivable tasks.

Which process do you use to maintain an organized ledger?

In addition to logging the date and description of the payment, candidates should also include several key categories on a ledger to keep it organized. Candidates may mention key categories they use, such as:

1 Explain what services rendered means.

Services rendered refers to services that a business offers and fulfills before the client pays for the service. Accounts receivable professionals will record the rendered service and produce an invoice when the service agreement has concluded. They will then present the invoice to the client to get paid.

DSO is short for days sales outstanding. It refers to the average number of days it takes for a firm to collect a payment from a client following the completion of a sale.

How frequently do you complete the bank reconciliation process?

Your candidates must know the advantages of regular bank reconciliation, so look for responses that suggest they complete this process frequently, perhaps each month.

They may also mention that doing frequent bank reconciliation makes it easier to check potential errors and notice if there are any extra transactions that went through.

Which accounting software applications are you familiar with?

You have probably worked with one or two applications at school–perhaps something basic. No need to be ashamed of it though. Tell the truth, and add that you are a quick learner, and confident that you will learn to work with the software they use in the company.

At the end of the day, the user interface is similar in most accounting applications. And the company may even use their own, custom-designed software.

You will respond for a limited number of tasks. In my experience, even someone who has never worked with accounting software will learn how to do all the operations Accounts Receivable Clerks typically respond for, in less than a day.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Pass an Accounts Receivable Clerk job Interview!)

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