Accruent Interview Questions

16 frequent non-technical questions at Accruent :

According to our research, hiring managers at Accruent ask soft skills interview questions 39% more than at other companies.

accruent interview questions

7 . Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer

This question lets the interviewer know how well you think on your feet and how great your customer service skills are.

  • About YourselfThink about the time you were a customer, how were you treated and how could your experience have been made the best? Now think about the time you had to help a customer. What did you do to make that experience unforgettable for him?
  • About The CompanyThink carefully about the company and what they are looking for. Read online reviews and any other available information.
    • What are their standards for treating customers?
    • What complaints have you seen that can give you a hint of some of the challenges associated with customer service?
  • About The FitThink of the companys ideals and connect those with your skills and qualifications. Now think of how these requirements are met by how you went above and beyond for a customer. Frame your story in terms of your STAR method: S – What was the Situation?T – What was your Task?A – What Action did you take?R – Talk about the Results.
  • Showing you have compassion and empathy for customers is always an excellent way to answer the question. However, always remember to frame your answers in terms of how the company addresses these issues.

    This question is asked 2.6x more frequently at Accruent than at other companies.

    13 . Tell me about your greatest professional accomplishment

    Of all your accomplishments (and I am sure you’ve had a great many of them!), you should choose the one most relevant to this job position.

  • About YourselfWrite down your Key Selling Points – your top 3-5 skills that make you a strong professional. Write down a list of your top 3-5 professional accomplishments that you are most proud of. No need for lengthy descriptions, just 1-2 words for each one to help you recall each situation. Make sure you have developed the story behind each accomplishment and have a strong command of the details of what happened so that you can tell the story clearly and distinctly. Along with each accomplishment, mark which of your Key Selling Points they showcase. How exactly?
  • About The CompanyBased on your research of the company, what are their current needs?
    • What are the major projects going on?
    • What are the expectations for the position you are applying for?
  • About The FitTry to imagine yourself being an employee of the company you are applying to, say, at your 6th month into the job.
    • Which of your Key Selling Points and accomplishments would be most relevant to the company?
    • What “have you accomplished at your new job?”

    Choose the most relevant accomplishment from your list and then practice telling your story.

  • Most enterprises are now going through major transformations, often called Digital Transformation.

    Do your research on what it means and what is often involved, to get a better idea of the current goals and environments in companies. But one thing that definitely characterizes this transformation is striving for agility.

    In particular, for startups (if you are applying to a startup or a small business), agility is their middle name, in order for them to survive among bigger sharks in the market.

    So, demonstrating qualities like agility and adaptability should generally be helpful and quite a safe choice in most circumstances today.

    This question is asked 19% more frequently at Accruent than at other companies.

    Take a quick quiz and check if you’re ready to answer this question at your next job interview:

    Why do interviewers ask this question?

    AThey want to know why you think the accomplishment you chose is your greatest, to give them an idea of what you think is important

    BThey want to hear a specific example of your work to see if your problem solving skills fit in with the issues and problems their company might be experiencing

    CThey want to know if you are a great multitasker who can get 10 different things done by the end of the day, no matter how long you have to stay at work to complete it all

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