Acko General Insurance Interview Questions

5) Can You Reduce the Duration of the Stay?

The visa officials will try to convince you to reduce the duration of your stay. Hence, you must be aware of the visa interview questions and answers regarding the duration of your stay. You must have solid reasons to justify the duration of your stay. Also, create a travel plan to give the interviewer an overall idea of the trip. If you have documentary evidence to support your stay duration, there will not be a lot of problems during the visa interview.

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1) What Are Your Reasons for Travelling to the Country?

The country here will be replaced by the name of the country you plan to travel to. It would help if you approached this question with much clarity. You will have to mention your purpose of travel when such a question is posed to you.

Your purpose of travel could be anything like education, travel, a friend’s marriage, etc. You will have to state the purpose of the trip without any ambiguity. You can also provide documentary evidence to support your purpose of travel. For instance, if you are travelling to Canada for education, you can furnish the acceptance letter of the college situated in Canada, as documentary proof of travel.

Also, before you sit for a visa interview, ensure that you have a plan. Also, the interviewer might ask you about your trip financing sources. Based on the type of visa you are applying for, you can show them the sources of finance, and how you have procured the money for the trip.

4) How Are You Planning to Bear the Expenses of the Trip?

Travelling to a foreign country involves a considerable amount of money. Therefore, you need to have some funds handy to finance your trip. Your visa application will only be approved if the authorities have documentary proof of you having enough funds in your bank accounts to finance the trip.

Different types of visas have different fund limits. Hence, you need to check the fund limit for the type of visa you are applying for your travel. However, suppose someone else is covering the cost of your trip. In that case, you need to submit the relevant documents of that person’s bank account so that the authorities can check the details and process your visa application.


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