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Acquis Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation. As an employer, Acquis places great emphasis on not only attracting top talent but on developing and retaining top talent. Dedicated and qualified job seekers have been invited to apply for open roles posted in project management and consulting, among other fields. In support of work-life balance, these positions have featured flexible work options, such as full-time, remote jobs.

Self-described as a people-first employer driven by additional values of “advance together” and “think+do,” Aquis Consulting takes great pride in its company culture. Having created a “second family” environment that balances autonomy with responsibility, leadership offers associates the ability to learn by doing and contribute to the teams shared success from day one. Furthermore, Acquis Consulting Group works to protect its culture through careful analysis of new and experienced hires, and it endeavors to hire professionals who will add to the experience of working at Acquis. In the past, the company has offered eligible associates “excellent” benefits and competitive compensation.

Striving to operate with agility, creativity, and focus, the Acquis Consulting team works to serve as advisor and ally as it delivers a wide range of consulting services. Designed to sustainably meet specific client needs and offer long-term growth, examples of these solutions include digital transformation and customer strategy, legal spend optimization, procurement and strategic sourcing, analytics and reporting, change management, and more. Since its founding in 1998, Acquis Consulting has been ranked on Consulting magazines Best Firms to Work For list, among other accolades. The company operates from headquarters in New York, New York, with additional offices throughout the U.S. and beyond.

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Tell Me About a Time When You Solved a Difficult Problem.

Another type of behavioral consulting interview question focuses on problem solving. Examples of this type of question include:

  • Give me a time when you used data to solve a problem
  • Describe a complicated or difficult problem you faced and how you approached it
  • Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision
  • Give an example of a problem you solved in a unique way
  • To answer these questions, pick an experience in which you faced a difficult problem or situation but were still able to make a meaningful and significant impact.

    1. Provide context of the situation and what the problem was

    2. Describe what actions you took to solve the problem

    3. Explain the impact and results of these actions on the problem

    4. Summarize what this experience taught you about problem solving or what this situation reveals about you as a problem solver

    Example: Tell me about a time when you solved a difficult problem.

    Last year, I was working at Airbnb in their strategic planning & analysis group. I worked primarily with the customer experience team.

    I was tasked to determine whether the incremental $10M that Airbnb spent on initiatives to improve customer satisfaction had a positive return on investment. This was important because Airbnb was focused on cutting unnecessary costs to achieve better profitability.

    I used SQL and excel to analyze over 700K customer data points to create a model forecasting how much happy customers spend per year versus unhappy customers.

    I collaborated with data science, customer experience, and finance teams and persuaded them to give me their support and buy-in. I also performed competitor and industry benchmarking to validate the results further.

    In the end, I determined that the customer satisfaction initiatives had a negative 20% return on investment. I presented the findings to the CFO and to my 30-person strategic planning & analysis group, who all supported my recommendation. My work would save Airbnb $10M per year moving forward.

    Throughout this process, I learned how to work with multiple cross-functional teams and how to persuade stakeholders to get their buy-in. This experience also further reinforced my perspective on using data to make intelligent business decisions.

    Walk Me Through Your Resume

    This consulting interview question is typically asked in the beginning of the interview. So, it is important to answer this question well in order to leave a great first impression.

    In asking this question, interviewers are looking to learn two things:

    One, interviewers want to get an overview of your work experience and achievements. Many times, interviewers don’t have the time to look at your resume beforehand.

    Two, interviewers want to understand why you would be a good fit for consulting. Your accomplishments in previous work experiences and the skills you have developed from these experiences are a good indicator.

    When you answer this question, follow this strategy:

  • Start with a strong opening statement that summarizes your areas of expertise and number of years of experience
  • Highlight your most relevant and impressive experiences and accomplishments, starting with the most recent
  • Connect your experiences to why you’re interested in consulting and the firm and why you would be a good fit
  • Example: Walk me through your resume.

    I am a marketing and strategy professional with over five years of experience in media and e-commerce.

    I spent the last two years working at Activision Blizzard, where I led social media marketing. I planned and executed marketing campaigns that led to over $1 million in sales. I also developed a marketing strategy that lowered customer acquisition costs by 15%.

    Before that, I spent three years working at LinkedIn in their ads team. I ran customer surveys and focus groups to identify key customer pain points for ad purchasers. From this, I launched over fifty tailored email campaigns that had a 25% higher conversion rate than previous campaigns.

    Given my experience in data-driven marketing and strategy, I believe I would be an excellent fit for McKinsey’s Marketing and Sales practice.

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