Active Directory Basics Interview Question And Answers

Part 1 – Active Directory Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers basic Interview Questions and Answers.

Answer: Active Directory, as we know, is the part of Microsoft Windows; in windows, a database set of rules and commands is used, which is usually known as the Schema of active directory. A schema defines all the subclasses which are used in the active directory. It is an essential part of the active directory if we see operation wisely.

Answer: An LDAP is a “lightweight directory Access protocol” it is like the application protocol of the active directory to modify or update items in the directory and subdirectory. In it, different paths are used, and they also include distinguished names and other features. It is later introduced in the active directory in the version of 2008.

Answer: A domain basically acts as the source of the data; in the active directory, all the objects and other information regarding the different devices lie in the domain. Whether its hardware or the software used, all the relevant data is stored in the directory. Purpose wise it is the hub of the data, and the server collects all the required information for the operations from the domain.

Answer: A native mode is a mode for the functioning of an active directory when the user information is stored in one or more catalogs which are known as global catalogs. This mode allows the user or organizations to use features like nest group, group membership, etc.

Answer: In order to protect the data from theft and other spy activities, an authentication protocol is used in the active directory, which provides strong authentication features and a secret key that is encrypted to save data; it is the Kerberos feature of the active directory.

Introduction to Active Directory Interview Questions

In this 2023 Active Directory Interview Questions article, we shall present the top most important and frequently used Active Directory interview questions. These questions will help students build their concepts around active Directory and help them ace the interview.

An active directory is defined as the database of all user and group information, all services, and other peripheral device’s information which include the printer, scanner, and other devices. It is also called a centralized collection of objects, where the object is all these devices and data. Active Directory is part of Microsoft Windows and also developed by Microsoft itself. In many organizations where there is a database, every user is provided with the user name and password to access that information, so to access this information, one should log in with correct credentials, then the system authenticates the user name and password and provides access to the information, this process is also the part of an active directory which is known as “Active directory domain system” (ADDS).

Infrastructure Master – Infrastructure Master updates the cross-domain updates, what really updates between Domains? Whenever user login to Domain the TGT has been created with the list of access user got through group membership (user group membership details) it also contain the user membership details from trusted domain, Infrastructure Master keep this information up-to-date, it update reference information every 2 days by comparing its data with the Global Catalog (that’s why we don’t keep Infrastructure Master and GC in the same server)

I would like to share some of the Windows Active Directory Interview Questions and answers, will start with basic questions and continue with L1, L2, L3 level questions

So if are Domain Naming Master Server is not available, we can’t able to create a new Domain and application partition, it may not affect the user, user event didn’t aware Domain Naming Master Server is down

In a Multi-Domain and Forest environment, there will be impact and we have enough time to fix the issue before it affects the end-user

PDC – PDC required for Time sync, user login, password changes, and Trust, now you know why the PDC is important FSMO role holder to get back online, PDC role will impact the end-user immediately and we need to recover ASAP

Top 50 Active Directory Interview Questions and Answers | Active Directory Interview Preparation

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