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Charles Boicey

CIO & CTO of Clearsense

Charles is the Chief Innovation Officer for Clearsense, a healthcare analytics organization specializing in bringing “Big Data” technologies to healthcare. Prior to Clearsense Charles was the Enterprise Analytics Architect for Stony Brook Medicine. In his role he is developed the analytics infrastructure to serve the clinical, operational, quality and research needs of the organization. His work for the past five years has centered on bringing “Big Data” technologies to healthcare. He was a founding member of the team that developed the Health and Human Services award winning application “NowTrending” and he developed “Saritor” a novel Healthcare Data Platform for advanced healthcare analytics. Charles holds a MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and is the President of the American Nursing Informatics Association.

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About Clearsense: Clearsense is a data platform for healthcare that enables real-time insights into clinical, operational, and financial metrics.

Benjamin Maisano

Chief Technology Officer & Head of Engineering of Mount Sinai Health System

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About Mount Sinai Health System: The Mount Sinai Health System is an integrated health care system providing exceptional medical care to their local and global communities.

Ray Botha

Co-founder & CTO of HealthLeap

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About Crypto20, HealthLeap, Invictus Capital: Solving disease-related malnutrition with a mobile clinical assistant for healthcare professionals.

Aadil Diwan

Co-Founder & CTO of SafKan Health

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About SafKan Health: Ear care for the 21st century.

Ryan Kelly

CTO of Capital Rx

Ryan Kelly is the CTO of Capital Rx.

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About Capital Rx: Capital Rx is a healthtech platform that provides pharmacy benefit management solutions.

Varun Ganapathi

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of AKASA

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About AKASA, AKASA is an AI-powered automation company for revenue cycle management in healthcare.

Tom Chokel

Co-Founder & CTO of Modern Fertility

Tom Chokel is a Co-Founder at Modern Fertility.

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About Modern Fertility: Modern Fertility is a women’s health company closing the fertility information gap by letting women test key fertility hormones at home.

Matt Wallington

Co-founder & CTO of Reperio Health

Entrepreneur with experience in several startups and large enterprises. Founded two technology companies in the connected car and cloud computing space. Recently participated in Highway1, a renowned hardware incubator, launched an API based cloud video encoding service, and scaled a 10,000+ instance geo-dispersed cloud computing cluster that was used for automated trading and to catch criminals, which we launched on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield.

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About Reperio Health: Reperio is the only at-home health assessment that provides comprehensive results immediately.

Zachary Apte

Co – Founder and CTO of uBiome

Zachary Apte is a Co-Founder and CTO of uBiome. Trained in both theoretical high-energy physics and biophysics, Dr. Apte earned his PhD in biophysics from the University of California, San Francisco. Before uBiome, he founded a synthetic biology company based on his invention of a novel microfluidics devices and funded by the US Department of Energy. While a university student at Hampshire College, he built an open science web platform and was integral in the initial research and development for the project that became the first published carbon-emissions rating label in North America.

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About Bioparaiso, uBiome: uBiome is a provider of public access to DNA sequencing technology to understand the microbiome.

Roman Yelensky

EVP & CTO of Gritstone Oncology

Roman Yelensky is responsible for overseeing Gritstone’s genomics, proteomics and informatics programs. Previously, he was vice president of biomarker and companion diagnostic development at Foundation Medicine. While there, he co-led sequence data analysis for FoundationOne™ and led validation studies supporting clinical laboratory accreditation and testing of more than 100,000 patients. Roman Yelensky established Foundation Medicine’s FDA-regulated products program, leading to the FDA approval of FoundationFocusCDxBRCA, the first NGS-based companion diagnostic. He also contributed to key national initiatives on the clinical implementation of next-generation sequencing (NGS), leading the diagnostic implementation of Lung-MAP, a first-of-its-kind NCI-sponsored trial matching lung cancer patients to investigational treatments using comprehensive genomic testing. Prior to Foundation Medicine, Roman Yelensky was a senior scientist in biomarker development at Novartis. He has co-authored more than 75 manuscripts on bioinformatics, statistical genetics, NGS biomarker and assay development and cancer genomics. He is an alumnus of Stanford University and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

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About Gritstone Oncology: Gritstone Oncology is a clinical-stage biotech company that develops tumor-specific cancer immunotherapies to fight multiple cancer types.

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