Acuminous Software Interview Questions

7) In software development process what is the meaning of debugging?

Debugging is the process that results in the removal of error. It is very important part of the successful testing.

11) What language do you like to write programming algorithms?

Every developer has their views when it comes to the programming language choices. Though, one should prefer high-level languages because they are dynamic. Like C and C++ languages.

Computer software is a package which includes a software program, its documentation, and user guide on how to use the software.

43) What type of data is passed via HTTP Headers?

Script and metadata passed via HTTP headers.

33) What is Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control?

Quality Assurance checks if proper process is followed while developing the software while Quality Control deals with maintaining the quality of software product.

CASE means Computer Aided Software Engineering. They are set of automated software application programs, which are used to support, enhance and strengthen the SDLC activities.

47) What is the difference between stack and queue?

  • Queue is always First In, First Out
  • Stack is always Last In, First Out
  • 29) What is mean by level-0 Data flow diagram?

    Highest abstraction level is called Level 0 of DFD. It is also called context level DFD. It portrays the entire information system as one diagram.

    44) How do you prioritize requirements?

    First, you need to design a system by evaluating data structure. Then you should move on to the code structure needed to support it.

    50) Give me differences between tags and branches?

    Tags are for versioning releases which are temporary holding places for doing such thing. However, branches are deleted when those changes are merged into the trunk.

    15) What is mean by software scope?

    Software scope is a well-defined boundary. It includes all kind of activities that are done to develop and deliver the software product.

    The software scope defines all functionalities and artifacts to be delivered as a part of the software. The scope also identifies what the product will do? What is not the part of the project? What is project estimation?

    This process is helpful to estimate various aspects of the software product. This estimation can be decided either consulting experts or by using pre-defined formulas.

    10) What is the main difference between a stubs, a mock?

    A stub is a minimal implementation of an interface which generally returns hardcoded data while mock usually verifies outputs against expectations. Those expectations are set in the test.

    48) What is essential for testing the quality of the code?

    According to me, the unit testing framework is essential for testing the quality of the code.

    41) Describe the difference between Interface-oriented, Object-oriented and Aspect-oriented programming.

  • Interface programming is contract based.
  • Object-oriented is a way to write granular objects which have a single purpose.
  • Aspect Oriented Programming is to segregate the code in such a manner that various objects carry the main tasks, and the subsidiary tasks are carried by independent objects.
  • 35) Which process model removes defects before software get into trouble?

    Clean room software engineering method removes defects before software gets into trouble.

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