Ad Utilities Interview Questions

3 What is the adpatch log file location?

When u unzip a patch it will keep all the files related to a particular product under that directory inside u r patch directory for example if the patch delivering files related to the FND product then it will create a subdirectory under the patch directory with the name FND in which it will put all related files to that product

3 How adpatch will know the file versions of the patch delivered files?

With each patch, a file with the name f.ldt is delivered, which contains the file versions of the files delivered with the patch. Adpatch will use this file to compare the file versions of files it delivering with the file on the file system.

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3 What are the types of Concurrent Managers 25?


  • Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM): This is the one that monitors all other CMs
  • Standard Manager (SM): This takes care of report running and batch jobs
  • Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM): checks concurrent program definitions for compatibility checks.
  • We cannot delete a concurrent manager… but we can disable it… but it’s not recommended.

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    Yes, We can run unless you are running a process where workers are involved

    3 Define the steps for customizing form?

    You need to make use of the following steps for the purpose of customizing forms.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to copy the files template.fmb as well as Appsatnd.fmb from AU_TOP/forms/us and paste that inside custom directory. By doing this the library associated with this task get copied by it’s own.
  • You can now create the forms you want and customize them.
  • Do not forget to save the created forms inside the modules where they need to be located.
  • 3 What are the different modes you can run your adpatch?

    1. Interactive – default mode 2. Non-interactive – Use defaults files to store prompt values (adpatch defaultsfile= interactive=no) 3. Test – Without actually applying a patch just to check what doing. (adpatch apply=no)

    2 Can you name some of the menu options in adctrl?

    Check the status of workers, tell the manager that the worker has quieted, restart a failed worker, etc….

    What is the purpose of cursors in PL/SQL?

    The cursor can be made used for the purpose of handling various row – query associated with PL/SQL. Implicit cursors are available for the purpose of handling all the queries related with oracle. The memory spaces that are unnamed are used by oracle for storing the data that can be used with implicit cursors.

    Record group can be considered as a concept used for the purpose of holding sql query that is associated with list related with values. Record group consists of static data and also can access data inside tables of database through sql queries.

    This is a kind of field associated with oracle apps that are used for capturing information related with the organization.

    2 What is the significance of the FNDINSTALL_PROCESSES and AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table?

    FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table will store the worker information like what job is assigned to which worker and its status. AD_DEFERRED_JOBS will come into the picture when some worker is failed, it will be moved to AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table, from where again adpatch will take that job and try to resign, after doing this 3 times if still that worker is failing, then adpatch will stop patching and throw the error that particular worker has failed. We need to troubleshoot and restart the worker.

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