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Here are some resources that can help you with writing your CV and and Cover letter: Click Here, Click Here

You will receive a confirmation email thanking you for yourapplication. If you don’t receive one, please follow up by contacting the recruitment consultant mentioned in the job advertisement.

We endeavour to contact all candidates as soon as possible after the closing date of the advertisement. It’s worth keeping a copy of the advert you’ve applied for and noting down the closing date and your recruiters contact details.

Some handy tips:

– Take a few minutes to check and update your personal details and preferences whilst you’re logged into your profile, ensuring your best contact details are included for when we’ll need to contact you

– If you’d like to remove an old CV or covering letter, please get in touch with your recruitment consultant. Their name should be included in the advertisement you’re applying for

If your skills and experience are suitable for the position, you’ll be contacted by one of our hiring managers to arrange an interview or have a quick discussion regarding the role and ask a few details about your application.

Handy tip: Use this phone call as an opportunity to sell yourself and your relevant experience.

If you’re application is short-listed, you’ll be invited to attend a panel interview with a minimum of two senior staff. Or if you’re based overseas or living outside of Auckland, not to worry we’re still keen to speak with you and regularly conduct video interviews via various technologies such as Skype, Zoom or Face Time.

Well done for getting to this stage. An interview is a chance for us to learn more about you as well as you to learn about us. Everyone gets nervous, it’s natural. Some of our managers are also anxious, and we’ll do our best to put you at ease.

Our interviews are behavioural and competency based, asking you to call on relevant examples of your prior experience in line with the competencies we’re recruiting for the role. Take some time to prepare some specific work examples to discuss.

If you get a job interview you may be asked if you have a criminal record. Consider the employer’s concerns and discuss what youve done since the conviction. For example, “I have to tell you I have a criminal record. However, Ive taken an anger management course and Ive learned how to control my anger in difficult situations.”

“When I was an assistant manager at Sally’s Sandals we hosted a VIP sales event for our loyalty card customers, and I was in charge of organising it. I needed to make sure that the store was decorated, we had food and drink for the customers, and we had enough staff members to work that evening. The event went very smoothly and we exceeded our sales targets for the evening by 50 percent.”

Its important to tell the interviewer about any convictions to demonstrate your honesty. If you dont mention a serious conviction before you get the job and they find out about it, you risk being dismissed. The Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 allows you to conceal some convictions that are more than seven years old.

Why Should We Hire You?

The answer, “Because I really need a job,” might come to mind but it might be a good idea to back off on that response. What the interviewer is looking for here is what sets you apart from others.

They want you to differentiate and sell yourself!

How to Answer: Create a short, detailed sales pitch explaining why you deserve the job. Emphasize what makes you unique to build confidence in the interviewer’s decision to hire you.

Example Answers:

  • “Your company provides similar services to my background so I’ll have an initial understanding of the role. With that being said, I believe that my familiarity with the industry and passion for this type of work would make me a good fit for this position…”
  • “I think that my combination of sales and customer service experience, along with my art background, means that I’ll be able to understand what your customers are looking for.”
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