Adia Staffing Interview Questions

While creating a booking, you’ll see a pay rate and a bill rate. The pay rate is what the worker gets paid, and the bill rate is what you pay to book workers through Adia. We include a markup in the bill rate to cover the costs to vet our workers, and we foot the bill for their taxes, insurance and benefits so you don’t have to.

Adia workers are W-2 employees of Adia. That means we handle all of the HR and risk associated with hiring people. We take charge with workers comp, hiring processes, employee conduct, taxes, paperwork, and co-employment. And we know our workers are our most important asset, so we make sure they receive benefits, PTO, and the best user experience possible.

First things first: Adia is a free platform, and there are no upfront costs. You’re free to browse profiles, check out the app or to figure out what staff will cost you for an event or on-going project. You don’t pay until a job has been completed, and our pricing is upfront and transparent – there are no hidden costs and no guesswork.

Adia is a free platform to book vetted hourly workers on demand. We make it easy for you to find the staff you need at the click of a button. All of our Adia workers are W-2, meaning we handle all of the taxes, paperwork, and insurance – so you don’t have to. We handle service industry, warehousing, general labor, and special events – all kinds of gigs. Sign up for free to start booking workers.

We’ve got the worker communication handled. We let them know any specific instructions or details for a job before they head there, and confirm with them that they’ll be there. The worker uses a job tracker in the app to RSVP to the job, check in and check out of shifts and keep track of their earnings.

ADIA is thorough in its approach to recruitment, employing a combination of psychometric testing and face-to-face interviews in Abu Dhabi, where potential recruits are encouraged to explore the city and all that it has to offer. We also provide housing and school tours, as well as information on lifestyle and entertainment options.

Emirati culture places a high emphasis on the family, and we seek to ensure that the families of our new recruits have everything they need to ease their transition. This includes a programme to introduce newly arrived spouses to each other to support their integration into Abu Dhabi’s dynamic social life.

Interview process

I was contacted by a recruitment agency (Nicoll Curtin) based in London for a Senior Analyst position based in Abu Dhabi. Recruiter wants my eagerness for Abu Dhabi location.VC Call—Recruiter sets up a Video conference call with the hiring managers for 1 hour to interview in New Delhi (TERI India Habitat Centre).

Video Conferencing Interview Questions and Key Points:

The interview was particularly good hiring manager asked me mainly about my past experiences. He asked mainly on major issues handled, Good experiences, and bad experiences. Business continuity plans and infrastructure issues. At the end of the interview hiring manager looks happy. He also explained the rest of the interview process. He was from London and explained that UAE is a good place to work. He clarified some restrictions as well. Although the UAE is not like other Gulf parts and have many ex-pats from the west. They have a holiday on Friday and Sunday. Also, there are some food restrictions on Ramadan as you cannot eat in open.

Few Questions asked are as given below:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • What is your day to day responsibility?
  • What is your major achievement in Project/life/professional?
  • Explain a Bad day in the office and how did you handle with your experience
  • PDI-NH: Recruiter informed after 1 week that I cleared my first round now the next round will be conducted by Korn Ferry. Korn Ferry conducts interviews worldwide and they have different centres. They have one center in Mumbai, and they arrange an interview in Mumbai. They arranged my travel and hotel for me. They arranged my stay in Hotel Five senses and flight tickets as well.

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