Adjunct Counselor Interview Questions

You should bring copies of your former syllabi and class evaluations, if you have them, as an “insurance policy.” However, don’t be surprised if they stay put in your briefcase.

Chances are, your interviewer has reviewed more syllabi than he cares to admit to, so it’s unlikely he will ask to see yours, too. In all likelihood, he wants to use the valuable interview time to assess you and what you could bring to the classroom.

You should clarify your mind-set about an adjunct’s role on campus and, specifically, how you might respond to student queries. Today’s college students are fairly savvy and often know the status of their instructors – in other words, whether they are full-time faculty or adjuncts.

After all, adjunct salaries usually are not the draw; they tend to be on the low side. Your story line may follow a similar track, which is fine, but it should sound real and sincere.

First, youll need to craft a teaching philosophy statement. According to Cornell University, this basically describes what methods you use to teach students and why you love to teach, or, if you have not taught before, why you wish to. This statement is especially important in the latter scenario.

6. Don’t count on having many teaching tools available. If you depend on them, be sure to arrange for them in advance. No matter how technologically capable you are, it’s probably a good idea not to depend too much on technology for the teaching demo. If you use technology, have a back up plan. Simple handouts are always a good idea.

You have decided you want to teach at a community college. You’re a four-year college or university teacher in a non-tenure track position looking for greater security. You’re a high school teacher looking to move to a different level. You’re a graduate student who loves teaching and realizes that is what we do at the two-year college. You have applied for an opening. You’ve been notified. You have an interview.

There is no shortage of interview hints available in print and electronic form. Im looking right now at a spring 2008 issue of Uturn, a student magazine published by Barnes and Noble. In a section for graduate students, the interview is equated with a “sales call: the chance to sell yourself to a potential employer.” The article isn’t speaking of teaching, of course, but it says accurately that topics you should be prepared to discuss are “your strengths, your professional aspirations, why you want to work for a particular company” and recommends the CAR approach as a way to evaluate your progress: “Context Action Result; what was the objective, what action did you take, and how did it turn out.” Even Yahoo! tries to help with tips on being a savvy interviewer and avoiding interview killers: Don’t complain about parking, bad-mouth a previous employer, grovel, space out, slouch, curse, be too needy, ramble, be overly familiar, or get too emotional. I am positive that all this is good advice. I always recommend avoiding cursing during a job interview.

1. If you use a rubric for grading, bring it with you. 2. Ask if the department uses a rubric. Use it if possible. 3. You may be given more than one paper, written at different skill levels. 4. Be prepared to explain your grading process. The Writing Sample (sometimes required)

5. Dress well. Dress professionally. If not now, when? Men may never wear a suit again in their life, but in the interview at least wear slacks and hard shoes. Women don’t have to wear hose and heels, but it’s not a bad idea with that new suit. Don’t let the possible casual dress of the committee members fool you. You are still making a first impression. The committee will use the care you demonstrate in preparation for the interview as an indication of the care you will take in teaching and working with them on committees.

How would you go about structuring a syllabus?

Tests knowledge of the field and teaching, as well as planning and organizational skills.

Adjunct Instructor interview questions

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